Out of all of the 212 episodes to date which is the best? I suggest that we all vote for a top five in the catagories of "Most Dramatic Episodes", "Most Epic Episodes", "Most Intreaguing Episodes" and "Most Complex Episodes". Once we have a top five we all will vote for the best in each catagory. As more episodes are aired you may choose them. Once we have one for each catagory we will all vote for "The Best Smallville Episode". We probably wont have a result until the series has ended but we should get started.

My suggestions:

Most Dramatic: 1: Reckoning, 2: Covenant, 3: Hidden, 4: Arctic, 5: Descent

Most Epic: 1: Commencement, 2: Salvation, 3: Justice, 4: Phantom, 5: Zod

Most Intreaguing: 1: Vessel, 2: Bride, 3: Lazarus, 4: Scion, 5: Covenant

Most Complex: 1: Pandora, 2: Collateral, 3: Requiem, 4: Rosetta, 5: Apocalypse

Feel free to list more than five. This may go on for a while as you need to consider the episodes to come. Lets hope the finale blows us away.

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