How do you think the history of Earth - 2 played out aside from Clark being raised by the Lionel Luthor. What happend to the stones of power. Did Clark prevent the meteor shower or did it still occur. If so did Zod still attempt to take over the world. Who would have been the vessel, Clark or Lex. What about Lionel and him being Jor-El's oracle. If Clark did take an unfortunate trip to the Phantom Zone when he escaped did he release phantoms. What happened to the orb. Is this possibly why Clark Luthor killed Lex. Nothing Clark Luthor did would have prevented Davis Bloome turning into Doomsday. How did Clark manage to defeat him. Did Zod get released from the orb. Did Clark still use the book of rao and if he did what was happening regarding Darkseid. Possibly if there is a return to Earth - 2 in "Kent" has Darkseid taken over Clark Luthor's evil heart. Share your thoughts.
Darkseid in lazarus

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