At the end of "Scion" Lionel wanted Lex back more than anything just before Darkseid appeared in true form!!! OMG! That aside this is what I imagine Darkseid said next: "Anything?... Ma Ha Ha Ha Ha!". This seems to suggest that Darkseid will resurect the original Lex Luthor from the dead. This also suggests that Lex wont be a clone nor Connor Kent gone bad. The last five episodes will be good. Season 10 hasn't been my favorite season, I prefered Season 9 but from looking back on Season 9 the last six episodes were Legend... wait for it... dary. "Checkmate" (4/5), "Upgrade" (4/5), "Charade" (4.5/5), "Sacrifice" (5/5), "Hostage" (4/5) and Salvation (5/5). The remainders will be epic, we are finally getting to the good stuff. What do you think will happen?

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