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Will Lionel sell his soul to the devil?

At the end of "Scion" Lionel wanted Lex back more than anything just before Darkseid appeared in true form!!! OMG! That aside this is what I imagine Darkseid said next: "Anything?... Ma Ha Ha Ha Ha!". This seems to suggest that Darkseid will resurect the original Lex Luthor from the dead. This also suggests that Lex wont be a clone nor Connor Kent gone bad. The last five episodes will be good. Season 10 hasn't been my favorite season, I prefered Season 9 but from looking back on Season 9 the last six episodes were Legend... wait for it... dary. "Checkmate" (4/5), "Upgrade" (4/5), "Charade" (4.5/5), "Sacrifice" (5/5), "Hostage" (4/5) and Salvation (5/5). The remainders will be epic, we are finally getting to the good stuff. What do you think will happen?

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