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I loved Chloe

J-rez May 13, 2012 User blog:J-rez

Hello Smallville fans: D

They say that behind every great man is a great woman, this is more evident in the life of Clark Kent , many think it was Lois Lane or Lana Lang but for me this great woman is Chloe Sullivan . Chloe Sullivan is always in the shadow of the love of Clark but always present, the best friend, confidant, companion. consciousness. Clark's help voice throughout the series. Ofcourse Chloe had many errors and many mistakes but that makes it more human because the real friendship is not it?

She went from being a researcher meteor infected to metahuman . I think with the power more difficult but more beautiful and special, sacrificing their own health to cure someone else is to be a hero. Fearless, daring, intelligent and beautiful always surprising us with a new stile or a smart comment. Not for nothing is the most recurring character throughout the series. I confess I feel a little envious, because friends like Chloe few or none. Congratulations to Allison Mack to achieve a character so cute and hard to forget. Because I loved or better i love Chloe * _ *

[[Season 6|
Chloe so beautifull

Chloe Beautifull


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