• Jovyannlim12345

    Shut up, Lana!

    January 31, 2010 by Jovyannlim12345

    Okay...for starters I just want you guys to know that:

    • I Hate Lana!
    • I Hate how she whines
    • I Hate how she hogs Clark; and
    • I Hate how she talks about all the "secrets and lies" but she has her own secrets and keeps on lying to Clark

    1. Why do you even whine about things like that, hello? newsflash, Lana we're in the 21st Century, and everybody lies. If you don't believe me, then ask yourself: How long have you been lying to Clark about Lex?
    2. Clark isn't yours anyways why hog him?

    Lana: Clark, I am in love with you, but I don't want you. Oh... and no one else can have you, either.

    3. "Secrets and Lies"??? come on! Do you think that you could persuade Clark of revealing his secret by pressuring him telling him about the "secrets and lies"???

    Lana: "Clark, …

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