Ok, lets start with season 8, and her departure. The way that they made her leave the show was absolutly BOGUS, i mean seriously???!!!!

Think about it, she leaves with nearly all the powers that Clark has (super speed, super strength, invulnerability, kryptonite absorbsion), so...should she be a more powerful superhero than SUPERMAN??? NOTHING CAN HURT HER!!!!

The producers made a massive mstake adding this part in, it makes no sense!!

I know most of you out there are like, 'i hate Lana, she's SOOOO annoying', but the truth is she is a major part of Smallville. There have also been rumours about her return in season 10. Personally, i would like her to either return for an episode, or cut to a scene to show whats she been up to, and her furture. Seriously, her book hasnt been closed, they cant just end her on a note like that.

And what was with Lois's comment in ICARUS with the flashback with Chloe? I'm sorry, i love clois, but Lana sacrificed her love and life with Clark to save half of Metropolis!!

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