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  • Kanamekun

    When LX-15 was first regaining Lex's memories, I was so excited about Season 10. I could see LX-15 growing up to be a full-grown Lex Luthor who hates the Blur... but maybe with gaps in his memories, so he didn't remember that Clark is the Blur. It was so clever to use all the previous "young Lex" actors from over the years, and then have the problems with accelerated aging cause LX-15 to leap from one age to the next. Absolutely brilliant!

    Then suddently, LX-15 became Conner Kent... which was cool, but then that entire plotline disappeared. Conner Kent moved to DC (and took Shelby there too, offscreenville)... and then what? The entire LX-15 plotline became moot, until the last episode when it turned out that Lex had even more clones …

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  • Kanamekun

    ...if he isn't going to wear them all the time?!

    I feel like the show kinda teased us with that glasses scene a few episodes back. Why even have the scene at all? It just seems pointless now. I don't get it...

    I have been a loyal Smallville supporter for years, but little stuff like this really eats away at my faith in the showrunners. --Kanamekun 01:21, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Kanamekun

    So... what did you guys think?

    I was kinda disappointed. An assassin is killing off retired costumed heroes... isn't that the plot to the Watchmen?

    Also - while I loved parts of the episodes, but the whole thing didn't come together for me. Oh and while the final battle was pretty sweet... why did it take so many of them to take on Icicle? And they didn't really combine their powers or work as a team as they fought... they just each used one power against him all at once.

    And that cape was from Hereafter... I dunno, it didn't feel like the episode really moved things forward for Clark that much. Maybe a bit for the JL though. I couldn't believe it that they still don't have a name though. If Clark had just named it, the episode would'v…

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  • Kanamekun

    Rich Text Editor

    January 14, 2010 by Kanamekun

    Ugh, is anyone else getting this rich text editor even though your settings are set to the plain text editor? Kanamekun 04:03, January 14, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Kanamekun

    Ok here's my working theory:

    • Zod and all the Kandorians were bio-engineered as clones to have powers under a Red Sun.
    • That's why they don't have powers under Earth's yellow sun.
    • The solar tower will send a red beam into space, as shown in Lois Lane's vision. This beam will be aimed at the sun...
    • The red sunlight will give Zod and the Kandorians superpowers, and strip Clark of his powers

    Here's the problem though. If this is true, why did Alia have superpowers in Savior? Sure her powers were restored by the red sun in the future... but shouldn't the yellow sun in the present have stripped her of her powers? But she used heat vision and other powers too...

    My guess here is that their powers are *activated* by a red sun, like how Clark's were a…

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