Ok here's my working theory:

  • Zod and all the Kandorians were bio-engineered as clones to have powers under a Red Sun.
  • That's why they don't have powers under Earth's yellow sun.
  • The solar tower will send a red beam into space, as shown in Lois Lane's vision. This beam will be aimed at the sun...
  • The red sunlight will give Zod and the Kandorians superpowers, and strip Clark of his powers

Here's the problem though. If this is true, why did Alia have superpowers in Savior? Sure her powers were restored by the red sun in the future... but shouldn't the yellow sun in the present have stripped her of her powers? But she used heat vision and other powers too...

My guess here is that their powers are *activated* by a red sun, like how Clark's were activated by the yellow sun in Odyssey. Then after that, any sunlight will do the trick in terms of charging them up.

That said, that theory seems a bit too complicated to be true.

Any thoughts on all this?

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