First, she lies to Chloe at the hospital in Savior about needing two pills and sneaks out to get the Blur's phonecall by midnight. Ok I can live with that, because it was an emergency and she really wanted to get the Blur's call.

But it's been four episodes, and so far Lois has been so wrapped up in her own problems that she hasn't even noticed that Jimmy is dead? Or talked at all to Chloe about it?

Meanwhile, Chloe cares so much about Lois that she tells Clark not to break her cousin's heart. (Echo)

I am really hoping that either:

  • There's a deleted scene that explains all this
  • Lois realizes later how self centered she's been, and makes it up to Chloe somehow.

Seriously though... there was just a zombie virus that hit town. You'd think that Lois would check that all her friends and family are doing ok?

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