So... what did you guys think?

I was kinda disappointed. An assassin is killing off retired costumed heroes... isn't that the plot to the Watchmen?

Also - while I loved parts of the episodes, but the whole thing didn't come together for me. Oh and while the final battle was pretty sweet... why did it take so many of them to take on Icicle? And they didn't really combine their powers or work as a team as they fought... they just each used one power against him all at once.

And that cape was from Hereafter... I dunno, it didn't feel like the episode really moved things forward for Clark that much. Maybe a bit for the JL though. I couldn't believe it that they still don't have a name though. If Clark had just named it, the episode would've been 20-30% better for me.

I LOVED Legion, so I'm going to rewatch the episodes/movie and see if maybe all the easter eggs can restore my faith in Geoff Johns!

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