When LX-15 was first regaining Lex's memories, I was so excited about Season 10. I could see LX-15 growing up to be a full-grown Lex Luthor who hates the Blur... but maybe with gaps in his memories, so he didn't remember that Clark is the Blur. It was so clever to use all the previous "young Lex" actors from over the years, and then have the problems with accelerated aging cause LX-15 to leap from one age to the next. Absolutely brilliant!

Then suddently, LX-15 became Conner Kent... which was cool, but then that entire plotline disappeared. Conner Kent moved to DC (and took Shelby there too, offscreenville)... and then what? The entire LX-15 plotline became moot, until the last episode when it turned out that Lex had even more clones out there that his dad was salvaging (also offscreenville). Conner Kent wasn't even part of the final fight against Darkseid!

All in all, the whole LX-15 plotline seemed to start off very cool but to end up being a waste of time. IMO, it would've been much better if LX-15 had become Lex instead of becoming Conner Kent and then disappearing. What do you guys think? --Kanamekun 15:29, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

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