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who would you say in all honesty the most intriging and most gangerous of LuthorCORP CEOs?not just to Clark but to the world?

Lionel Luthor

Lionel Luthor Founder and CEO of LuthorCORP(1970-2004)


Lex Luthor CEO of LuthorCORP(2004-2008,2011-???)

Tess 96325

Tess Mercer CEO of LuthorCORP(2008-2011)

Smallville luthor screencap

Clark Luthor CEO of LuthorCORP(Earth 2)

Lionel Luthor Smallville Earth-2

Lionel Luthor(earth 2)Founder and Former CEO of LuthorCORP(earth 2)and CEO of(earth 1)LuthorCORP

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