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Booster and Christopher Reeve

LDrago April 21, 2011 User blog:LDrago

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I can't wait to see the new Smallville episode coming up this friday. So I'll go on with speculation and a jarful of theories.



First of all I assume this is going to be the episode where Clark Kent assumes his 'mild-mannered' identity. In the original Superman Movie with Christopher Reeve, a great interpretation of Clark Kent's 'mild-mannered' persona is made. I can't wait to see how the "great, strong and charming" Tom Welling assumes this persona. I can imagine it'll be hilarious. At least I think so. In the Christopher Reeve movies watching him 'bumble' around was just funny to me. Usually some with such a well 'Superman' like build doesn't have problems like being a klutz. Of course that's always been a ironic point in Superman's Secret identity.

That also starting to get me thinking about how Clark manages to hides his secret identity. Especially in Superman: The Animated Series. I mean in that series Lois Lane constantly works with Clark Kent and sees him everyday. At the same time she has a relationship with Superman and shares moment with him constantly. Yet never she considered the possibility that Clark Kent, the reporter that works across from him, who has a striking resemblance to Superman, may in fact be Superman. It's really humorous. Once I read a comment on youtube that read

Clark kent & superman

Clark Kent or Superman

*Clark Takes of His Glasses*

Lois Lane: Woah! Superman where did Clark go?

It makes you think how ignorant DC Characters can be. Except for Bruce Wayne of course. I can imagine how that would go.

Clark Kent: Hello Mr. Wayne

Bruce Wayne: Your Superman

Clark Kent: uh No I think --

Bruce Wayne: No, I'm Right Shut up.

Well that's the end of this blog entry. On a ending note it seems my blog posts don't appear in the blog section of my profile. Really weird but I'll figure it out. Anyway Laters!

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