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33.1 Survivors


Image Codename Real Name First appeared
Mxyzptlk Mr. Mxyzptlk Mikhail Mxyzptlk [[Jinx]]
Having formed a ragtag group of metahumans, Mxyzptlk finds himself without his powers and needs Clark's help returning to his true form and his home dimension.
Greg arkin Hellgramite Greg Arkin [[Metamorphosis]]
Having regained his sanity, Greg lives a quiet happy life. He hasn't used his powers since his fight with Clark.
Maddie van horn Shard Maddie Van Horn [[Fragile]]
5 years later, Maddie Van Horn has blossomed into a bright young lady, having learned from Clark Kent that things are always better than they seem.
Kyle tippet Convert Kyle Tippet [[Hug]]
Due to the trauma he endured, Kyle is more distant than ever.
Seth Nelson Terminal Seth Nelson [[Magnetic]]
Discovering his inhibitions were affected by the kryptonite embedded in his skull, Seth is more forgiving of 33.1, as they prevented Seth from contracting Kryptonite Cancer and having a death similar to that of Ryan James.
Byron moore Nocturne Byron Moore [[Nocturne]]
Due to advances in medicine, Byron can now control himself when he transforms, but remains a beast until sundown.
Cyrus krupp Melior Cyrus Krupp [[Visitor]]
Having learned the truth about his past, Cyrus went to med school and uses his abilities to heal his patients.
Kevin grady Void Kevin Grady [[Blank]]
Kevin is now a social worker who helps those with similar trauma overcome their repressed memories and grief.
TommyLee Flux Tommy Lee [[Mortal]]
A mole in the group, Tommy Lee is working for Lex Luthor in exchange for the serum that gives him his power.

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