Alexander Luthor
Family Lachlan Luthor, Eliza Luthor (paternal grandparents, deceased), Lionel Luthor, Lillian Luthor (parents, deceased), Lutessa Luthor (paternal half-sister), Clark Luthor (adoptive brother), Alexander Luthor Jr. (son), unnamed wife, deceased
Occupation Scientist, Leader of the Mankind Liberation Front
Powers and
12th level intellect, Skilled hand to hand combatant,
Played By Michael Rosenbaum
Status Alive

Early Life

Alexander was neglected by Lionel in favor of his "superior" brother. Lex's mother Lillian nurtured her son and

Alexander was an accomplished businessman in his own right

stepdaughter, encouraging their curious minds and education. Lionel didn't understand nor appreciate his son's brilliance, something that would come to haunt him later in his life.

When Clark was very young, he threw a tantrum that in the process killed Lillian. Lionel swept it under the rug while Lex was in shock and formed a life long resentment for his brother.

Escaping the Luthor Curse

Alexander Jr.

If Alexander had one weakness, it would be his son, Alexander Luthor Jr.

Lex went on to complete college at age 12, and formed his own company separate from his father on his 17th birthday. He met a girl from Smallville and they fell in love, resulting in the birth of Alexander Luthor Jr.

When Lionel and Clark were preparing to overthrow the government, Lex spread the word and started a resistance. To make an example, Clark killed Lex's wife in front of Lex and his son, leading Lex to dedicate himself to bringing his brother down.
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Alexander wears glasses similar to those of Clark Kent, and dresses humbly despite his wealth, which he uses in numerous charities.

Into hiding

&nbsp Lex formed an inner circle of resistance fighters with their own special abilities, and began experimenting with kryptonite to find his brother's weakness.

When Clark discovered what his brother was up to, he confronted him planning to kill him. What he didn't know was that Lex knew he would kill him and created a clone to fake his death and hopefully rob his brother of his powers.


Alexander began studying the different properties of kryptonite and the effects they would have on his brother.

When Clark and Lionel disappeared, Lex partnered up with Oliver Queen and pooled their resources to supply the world with kryptonite to protect themselves from Ultraman.

When Ultraman returned seemingly reformed, he knew it was good to be true. To that end, when the world rejected Clark due to his past actions, Lex was not surprised when Clark returned to evil, and in a fit of rage wiped out all of Metropolis and all of Lex's allies. When Ultraman seized absolute control, Alexander left to our world to find our Clark and get his help to free his world.


Image Code Name Real Name First appeared
Jester Jokester Unknown N/A
Unknown yet brilliant mystery man, foe of Earth-2's Bruce Wayne.
Sinestro Green Lantern Thaal Sinestro N/A
Still a Green Lantern on this earth, foe of Earth-2's Parallax (Hal Jordan).
Inertia by trekguy1701-d2xoclj Inertia Thaddeus Thawne N/A
Speedster hero of his world, foe of Earth-2's Bat Allen.
White Manta White Manta David (last name unknown) N/A
Activist whose life changed when his son Kalduran was executed by the King of Atlantis. Foe of Earth-2's Arthur Curry.


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