Bruce Wayne
Family Thomas Wayne (father, deceased), Martha Wayne (mother, deceased), Alfred Pennyworth (adoptive father), Dick Grayson (adoptive son), Jason Todd (adoptive son), Tim Drake (adoptive son), Cassandra Cain (adoptive daughter), Damian Wayne (biological son)
Occupation CEO (Wayne Enterprises), vigilante, part time member of the Justice League
Played By Christian Bale
Status Alive

Batman is the alias and second identity of billionaire Bruce Wayne, the protector of Gotham City fighting to uphold justice and order.

"It’s not who I am underneath; It’s what I do that defines me." – Bruce Wayne his Batman persona

Early Life

When he was eight years old, Bruce's parents took him to see the Mask of Zorro. Outside the theater, Bruce's parents were both killed in a robbery by mugger Joe Chill. Thomas' last words to his son were to not be afraid. Bruce was later found by the police and was comforted by James Gordon, who would be his greatest ally as Batman.

World Travels

Bruce abandoned formal education to "study abroad", all the while preparing for his crusade as Batman. He studied fighting techniques with Ted Grant, Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva, and Slade Wilson. However, Bruce finished his training with Ra's Al Ghul, and had to battle his master to save Gotham City. This supposed betrayal would come back to haunt him...

Establishing himself in Gotham

"I seek … the means to fight injustice. To turn fear against those who prey on the fearful." – Bruce Wayne's mission as Batman

With his training complete, Bruce returned to Gotham and regained control of Wayne Enterprises. While remaining CEO, he entrusted the day to day affairs to Lucius Fox, who also supplied him with his Batman tech. Wayne Enterprises once again became one of the most prosperous businesses in the world. Rival competitors consist of KordTech,Queen Industries, and Lex Corp. Before donning the batsuit, Bruce went out as a nameless vigilante. During this time he reacquainted himself with his city, and gained an ally in James Gordon.

Beginning the Bat

Lucius Fox developed Bruce aprototype armored car and an experimental armored suit. Bruce also established a secret base in a cave underneath Wayne Manor. During his first mission, the world's greatest detective uncovered a conspiracy involving the Gotham Mob, the Scarecrow, and Bruce's mentor Ra's Al Ghul and his League of Shadows.

The Joker's Reign of Terror

"I see now what I have to become to stop men like him." – Bruce Wayne on the Joker

Bruce encountered his greatest foe when a criminal known only as the Joker began to pick off public officials. The Joker got his kicks by bringing trying to bring Batman down to his level, and nearly succeeded in doing so when he killed one of Bruce's oldest friends and drove Harvey Dent into becoming Two-Face.

Broken Bat


The World's Finest



Bruce Wayne as Batman

Young Bruce

When Bruce was 8 years old, his parents were shot before his very eyes. Ever since, he has dedicated his life to warring on all criminals.

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne

Wayne enterprises

Bruce is the CEO of Wayne Enterprises

Gotham city by dblake

Both Bruce Wayne and Batman hail from Gotham City.


Bruce Wayne in 2001, the same year Clark Kent started at Smallville High.

Traveling bruce

Before Bruce became Batman, he traveled the world for many years, learning martial arts and criminology.

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Bruce against Ra's Al Ghul


Batman's experiences with Scarecrow prove that criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot

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The Joker: Batman's Ultimate Opponent

Movie TDK d46-1-

Harvey Dent's fall from grace led him to become the anti hero known as Two-Face; Half Vigilante, Half Criminal Mastermind

Bane vs Batman

Batman vs Bane


Bruce finds himself in a sort of love/hate relationship with Selina Kyle, the Catwoman




Bane targeted Batman's allies, before breaking the Bat himself.


Batman had to wear a special suit after being "broken" to combat Bane


Superman and Batman.


While in Metropolis, Bruce uncovered the truth about his business rival, Lex Luthor.


The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight


To say the least, Bruce and Clark didn't get along right from the start.

World's Finest

The World's Finest.

Lex's Kryptonite Ring

Clark eventually entrusted Bruce with Lex Luthor's kryptonite ring.


Image Costume
Bruceninja Ninja Armor {{{character}}}
While training to become Batman, Bruce used the same type of armor used by the League of Shadows.
Protosuit Protosuit {{{character}}}
Before the Batman costume was made, Bruce used a this survival suit and a ski mask to fight crime as an unamed vigilante. This was around the same time the Blur showed up in Metropolis.
Begins suit Batsuit I {{{character}}}
Bruce's premier Batsuit was efficient, but denied him the maneuverability.
Dark knight suit Batsuit II {{{character}}}
Bruce's second Batsuit had extra armored plating, and allows him to finally turn his head.
DKRsuit Batsuit III {{{character}}}
After battling the assassin known as Bane, Bruce donned his most recent Batsuit.


Image Equipment
Utility belt Utility Belt {{{character}}}
If Batman needs something, it's in his belt.
Batarang Batarang {{{character}}}
Bruce developed these non-lethal projectiles to take out multiple foes at once. Not to be confused with a shuriken
Shurikens Shurikens {{{character}}}
Batman uses these classic ninja weapons to disarm enemies or pin them to the wall.
Smokepellets Smoke Pellets {{{character}}}
Batman uses these for cover and to spook enemies.
Knife Field Knife {{{character}}}
A basic survival knife, with added flare.
Grappling hook 1 Grappling Gun {{{character}}}
Allows Batman to launch lines, grab fleeing criminals, and swing throughout the city.
Kryptonite ring Kryptonite Ring {{{character}}}
Having retrieved Luthor's kryptonite ring, Superman gave it to Batman for safe keeping, just in case.


Image Vehicle
Batmobile Batmobile {{{character}}}
After the tumbler was destroyed, Lucius Fox designed a sleaker, stealthier version.
Batwing Batwing {{{character}}}
Bruce's aerial stealth fighter jet.
Submersible Batboat {{{character}}}
The Batboat doubles as a deep sea submersible.
Batpod Batpod {{{character}}}
Bruce's motorcycle helps him speed through the alleyways of Gotham.

Rogues Gallery

Image Codename
250px-Heath Ledger as the Joker Joker {{{character}}}
Batman's greatest nemesis; a maniacal anarchist criminal mastermind who terrorizes Gotham City and whose goal is to create "a world without rules."
Penguin Penguin {{{character}}}
Oswald Cobblepot is Gotham's most formidable mob boss, who uses his club the Iceberg Lounge as a front.
Riddler Riddler {{{character}}}
Edward Nygma was a rogue Gotham Detective who tried to defeat the Batman using his criminal conundrums.
Catwoman Catwoman {{{character}}}
Socialite Selina Kyle masquerade's as the feline femme fatale Catwoman, who acts as both friend and foe to the Dark Knight.
Two-Face Two-Face {{{character}}}
Gotham's former DA Harvey Dent was pushed to the breaking point after he was caught in an explosion. Having gone on a rampage though Gotham, Harvey was pronounced dead to the public and quietly moved to Arkham Asylum.
Ra's al Ghul Neeson Ra's Al Ghul {{{character}}}
Under the alias of Henri Ducard, Ra's brought him into the League of Shadows. He trained Bruce and groomed him to be his successor, however Bruce refused to cross that line. Ra's was presumed dead after a the train accident in the Gotham Narrows, but no body was found...
Scarecrowcrane Scarecrow {{{character}}}
Once a respected psychologist at Arkham Asylum, Crane was revealed to be just as insane as his patients. After the chaos in the Narrows, Batman discovered a drug ring tainted with Crane's fear toxin. Batman captured him, and Crane returned to Arkham, this time as an inmate .
Zsasz Zsasz {{{character}}}
A hired hitman for the mob, Zsasz is a phsycoti serial killer who carves tally marks into his skin for each kill.
Bane Bane {{{character}}}
A mysterious assassin with a past tied to the League of Shadows, Bane's the very definition of both brains and brawn. He has a genius level intellect and his strength is augmented by a super steroid called Venom. Out of all of the Batman's enemies, Bane did what no one else has done: He broke the Bat.
Freeze Mr. Freeze {{{character}}}
Cryogenics expert Victor Fries life was ruined when his company pulled the plug on the funding for Fries to continue his research and cure his dying wife. In the ensuing struggle, Fries was doused with the chemicals he was experimenting with. Now the emotionless, cold-hearted Mr. Freeze, Victor sets out to make the world share in his pain. Freeze cannot survive outside of subzero temperatures outside of his containment suit.
Ivy Poison Ivy {{{character}}}
Botanist Pamela Isley was contaminated with plant spores that changed her biologic structure. Pam's blood is now chlorophyll, and she has become more plant than human. As Poison Ivy she has control over all plant life and can emit mind control pheromones. Ivy considers her accident a blessing, and uses her abilities to take activism to it's most extreme .
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn {{{character}}}
Harleen Quinzel was an unassuming Arkham intern that was seduced by the Joker. Inspired by the Batman-Copy-Cats, Harley now continues the Joker's work while he is cooped up in Arkham.

Hush Hush {{{character}}}
Doctor Thomas Elliot was a brilliant neurosurgeon with a vendetta against Bruce Wayne, who he discovered was Batman.

Killer Croc Killer Croc {{{character}}}
Waylon Jones is a gangster with a skin condition that leaves him scaly and reptilian. Earning the nickname Killer Croc, he lives up to his moniker.

Clayface Clayface {{{character}}}
Actor Basil Karlo was in a tragic accident that left him as the shapeshifting Clayface.

Mad Hatter Mad Hatter {{{character}}}
Jervis Tetch is a deranged pedophile who uses mind control to lure in his victims.

Batman-arkham-city-black-mask Black Mask {{{character}}}
Roman Sionis is Gotham's top tier mafia boss.

Taliamarion3 Talia Al Ghul {{{character}}}
Daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, Talia went under the alias "Miranda Tate" to get close to Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises. She is the mother of Bruce's son, Damian.

Music Meister Music Meister {{{character}}}
The mysterious menace known as the Music Meister uses hypersonic signals to place his victims into trances.

Harley joker final

The relationship between Joker and Harley could only be classified as "Mad Love". While the Joker sees Harley abuses Harley and sees her only as a means to an end, Harley remains loyal to Joker and has embraced his anarchistic philosophies.



Image Codename
Nightwing Nightwing {{{character}}}
Dick Grayson. He is 17 in the current timeline, meaning he is 24 in 2018.
Oracle Oracle {{{character}}}
Barbara Gordon.She is 19 in the current timeline, meaning she is 26 in 2018.
Red Hood Red Hood {{{character}}}
Jason Todd. He is 12 in the current timeline, meaning he is 19 in 2018.
Robin Robin {{{character}}}
Tim Drake. He is 9 in the current timeline, meaning he is 16 in 2018.
Batgirl2 Batgirl {{{character}}}
Cassandra Cain.She is 9 in the current timeline, meaning she is 16 in 2018.
Spoiler Spoiler {{{character}}}
Stephanie Brown.She is 12 in the current timeline, meaning she is 18 in 2018.
Batman Beyond Batman Beyond {{{character}}}
In the not too distant future, Terry McGinnis takes the mantle of the Batman.

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