Image Codename Real Name First appeared
Hawkman Hawkman Carter Hall Absolute Justice
The Leader of the team, Carter is back and ready to start anew with his wife Shayera..
Hawkgirl Hawkgirl Shayera Hall Isis
Carter's wife Shayera is his right hand.
Jay Garrick Flash I Jay Garrick Absolute Justice
The original Flash, Jay Garrick runs again.
Alan Scott Green Lantern Alan Scott Absolute Justice
The first man to call himself Green Lantern.
Wildcat2 Wildcat Ted Grant Absolute Justice
A heavyweight champ boxer, Ted uses his skills to battle crime.
DrFateFullView Doctor Fate Kent Nelson Absolute Justice
Revived by the magic of Nabu, Nelson is resurrected with his sanity intact.
Mr. Terrific Mr. Terrific Michael Holt N/A
The third smartest man in the universe, behind Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne.
Doctormidnite Doctor Midnite Pieter Cross N/A
Despite being blind, Midnite is the greatest surgeon in the world.
Hourman Hourman Rex Tyler N/A
The son of the original Hourman, Rex is following in his father's footsteps.
TheSandmancap Sandman Wesley Dodds Absolute Justice
Having seen his own future, Dodds escaped from Icicle and faked his own death.
Powergirl {Power Girl Karen Starr N/A
Kara Zor-El from Clark Luthor's world, this Kara was never in suspended animation at Reeve's dam and has aged accordingly.
The spectre The Spectre Jim Corrigan N/A
Private Investigator Jim Corrigan is the host for God's spirit of judgment, the Spectre.
Stargirl aj Stargirl Courtney Whitmore Absolute Justice
The youngest member of the team, Courtney is the glue that holds them together and is gaining experience from her heroes.


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