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Legion of Doom

Legion of Doom

Team of Villains

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Field Evil
Industry Terrorism
Management Lex Luthor
Location Unknown Swamp
Status Operational
"Banded together, the most sinister villains of all time - the Legion of Doom! ."

Image Code Name Real Name First appeared
Lex Luthor armor Lex Luthor Alexander Luthor N/A
Enemy of Superman.

Joker Joker Unknown N/A
Enemy of Batman.

Cheetah Cheetah Barbara Anne Minerva N/A
Enemy of Wonder Woman.

Zoom Zoom Hunter Zolomon N/A
Enemy of the Flash.

Sinestro Sinestro Thal Sinestro N/A
Enemy of Green Lantern.

Black Manta Black Manta David (Last name unknown) N/A
Enemy of Aquaman.

Black Adam Black Adam Teth Adam N/A
Enemy of Captain Marvel.

Deathstroke Deathstroke Slade Wilson N/A
Enemy of the Teen Titans.

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