The Flash Wallpaper by SpazChicken


He ran away, and he's never stopped running. Now he returns home. Bartholomew Allen is fresh out of college, and interning at the Central City PD in the Forensics Department, where he gets the nickname Barry, much to his chagrin.After returning to his city, he's still rather lazy and always shows up late to appointments, having been preoccupied with his heroic duties. Establishing himself as the Flash, he soon realizes that the Central City Rogues are too much for one man to handle, even the Fastest Man Alive. Flash must now assemble a team of allies to reclaim Central City. Battling foes, mending old wounds, and working a 9:00-5:00 job? Only the Scarlet Speedster has enough time.


Barry "Bart" Allen/Flash: Bart's matured a lot, but he still has a way to go to learn responsibility.

Jay Garrick: Semi retired member of the Justice Society of America, he was Barry's guardian when his father was in jail after being framed for his mother's death.

Wally West: In this universe, Wally is Iris' brother rather than nephew, and Barry's best friend. He was also a victim of the same accident that gave Barry his powers, but was able to control his abilities by tapping into the mysterious Speed Force. He hasn't heard from Barry since he ran away, leaving things uneasy upon his return. He's also very protective of his sister, which can sometimes cause conflict in his friendship with Barry.

Iris West: Barry's on again/off again girlfriend and sister to Wally West. She does not have natural speed, but has a high tech suit that allows her to run with the boys. Since her speed is artificial, she tops out at the speed of sound.

Bart Allen II: A teenage speedster who shows up in Central City with no memory, at first they think he is Barry's clone as Conner Kent was to Clark, but it is later revealed he is Barry and Iris' grandson from the future.

Eobard Thawne: Barry and Wally's former professor who caused the incident that gave them their powers. Unknown to the others, he also has super speed. He also has strange relation to Bart Allen II and is the only one who knows how he wound up in present day.

Captain Cold: Deployed by the Legion of Doom to keep an eye on the Flash, he has his own agenda that has him caught between Flash and Zoom.

Trickster: One of Central City's oldest criminals. In a world of metahumans he may seem more ridiculous than most, but is truly a brilliant, sadistic, mastermind.

Grodd: A gorilla Thawne used for experiments, the speed at which his mind moves makes him have intelligence on par with some of humanity's greatest scientists. He cannot talk, but has developed ESP as a way of communicating, which has accelerated to the point it gives him influence over the weak minded, akin to mind control. Nobody takes a giant evil monkey seriously, but that plays to Grodd's advantage. He is biding his time behind the scenes manipulating the players to suit his plan for domination.

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