Image Codename Real Name First appeared
Cyborgsmall Cyborg Victor Stone Cyborg
The Leader of the team, Victor has taken it upon himself to train JLA recruits before they go out into the field.
Conner 852147 Superboy Conner Kent Scion
Conner tries to prove himself while on the team, but at the same time trying to escape from his "brother"'s shadow.
Wondergirl Wonder Girl Cassandra Sandsmark N/A
Apprentice to Wonder Woman, Cassie is the field leader of the team. She and Conner have a budding relationship.
Robin Robin Tim Drake N/A
Analytical and reserved, Robin is the newest hero on the block. Not having any real friends, he forms a bond with Conner.
Speedy Speedy Mia Dearden Crossfire
After lying low in Star City after Oliver outed himself, the Green Arrow's apprentice is back and ready to start some real training.
Impulse Impulse II Bart Allen II N/A
Bart Allen's grandson from the future is stuck in our time. With the responsibility to care for a 13 year old kid, Bart adopts the name Barry and becomes more mature.
Miss Martian Miss Martian M'gaan M'onnz/Megan Morse N/A
When the JLA finds another Martian on Earth, John Jones is elated and adopts her. M'gann is kind hearted yet somewhat naive, but harbors a dark secret about her heritage.
Booster crop Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes Booster
Booster Gold's protegee is the rookie on the team.
Ravager Ravager Rose Wilson Icarus (mentioned)
Slade Wilson's daughter is trying to absolve sin's past and escape from her father's reputation.

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