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    Seriously I wanna know cause I help to make those now I have to go back and redo them all again

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    I think like many people were disappointed with the way Darkseid turned out . Backstory was alright I didn't get why he was just a spirit and didn't have a body of his own and had to possess people. He also could have been seen alot more often. What I think was when Orion defeated him the last time with his bow he stripped Darkseid of his corporal body to just his spritual essense and trapped him in a pocket of space. Darkseid was released from that pocket when Clark opened the portal to new krypton sending the kandorians away freeing him once more. I think his prophets should have helped him to find him a body to sacrifice in order for him to regain his true corporal form. Then he would be a CGI character with someone other than Micheal I…

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    Set 3 months after Clark saved the world from Darkseid's Apokolips, he has finally revealed himself to the world and fully embraced his destiny. Lois conventently gives the Blur the name Superman, as he inspired many as well as her to be better than who they are. Clark and Lois continue their epic relationship while working at the Daily Planet and living together at their apartment in Metropolis but not as a married couple, seeing as their relationship needs to take a step back to fullfill their duties.

    Lex Luthor despite having lost all of his memories, still remains a very grave threat. All he remembers is his name as well as some bitter feelings left behind from the memories he had lost. He sets out to regain his memories turns his sight…

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    One of these days everyone who ever starred on Smallville or had a major recurring ought to get together and have like a little class reunion. And I think they should include:

    Main Cast:

    • Tom Welling
    • Michael Rosenbaum
    • Kristin Kreuk
    • Allison Mack
    • John Schneider
    • Annette O' Toole
    • Sam Jones III
    • John Glover
    • Erica Durance
    • Aaron Ashmore
    • Cassidy Freeman
    • Justin Hartley
    • Laura Vandervoort
    • Callum Blue

    Recurring Cast:

    • Terrance Stamp
    • Phil Morris
    • Mitchell Kosterman
    • Camille Mitchell
    • Emmanuelle Vaugier
    • James Marsters
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    The two Lionels ever met one another but both apparently knew of the existense of their respective worlds hense both having the mirror box. If they ever met would they team up or go against one another let me know!

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