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    Words in bold mean what I commented on another blog

    I honestly do not like your blog post. I do not agree with you. Clois was a wonderful evolution. In the Superman Story, Clark and Lois date, make love, get married and have kids. SMALLVILLE IS A SUPERMAN STORY! Look, Clana was a good time in eight years.Look, Clana was a good time in eight years. But if you realize well, Clois were also together in 8 years, 4 to 10 (S10 is 2010 and 2011). And Clark and Lois are engaged. Look, there's so much conflict between these couples, People hate Clan ... Clan People love ... People hate Clois ... People love Clois ... Darn, I can not take anymore! Clois's present and future in the universe of Smallville! And a person can marry on the same day you fin…

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