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    R.I.P TomWellingIsHot

    November 9, 2011 by NatDuv

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a Smallville Wiki member known as TomWellingIsHot had commited suicide the night of November 7. The reason: the physical and verbal abuse she suffered from former wiki user Cloisfan 1. Cloisfan1 is currently serving time in a juvenile detention center for the abuse, but due to her death, may face more serious charges.

    TWISH, who's real name was Ella, was also a member of the Supernatural Wiki and several others. She was also a co-admin along with me, and ImperiexSeed on the Smallvillefanfiction Wiki. Also, she was a member of the VSTF, the Volunter Spam Task Force , a group which prevents the spread of spam and cyberbullying across the wiki's. I, as her friend, ask that you please consider joining, t…

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  • NatDuv

    Smallville Prequel, about Jor-El's life as he became aware of Krypton's impending doom.

    • Jor-El - Julian Sands
    • Lara El - Helen Slater
    • Kara Zor-El - Laura Vandervoort
    • Zor-El - Christopher Heyerdhal
    • J'onn J'onnz - Phil Morris
    • Lar Gand - Robbie Amel
    • General Zod - Callum Blue
    • Faora - Sharon Taylor
    • Alia - Monique Ganderton
    • Basquat - Adrian Holmes
    • Brainiac - James Marsters
    • Kal-El - ??
    • Jonathan Kent - John Schneider
    • Martha Kent -

    Episode 1 "Warning": While investigating recent seismic activity, Jor-El learns something that put's Krypton's future at stake.

    Episode 2 "Conflict": Jor-El confronts the council on his find. Zod ask Jor-El for a dangerous favor.

    Episode 3 "Framed": When one of the members of the science council is found dead, all hands point to Jor-El. J…

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  • NatDuv

    Rise of Superman Prime

    July 26, 2011 by NatDuv

    A one shot tie-in to my new beginning series telling the tale of Conner's greatest nemisis.

    • Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superboy - Tom Welling
    • Laurie Lemmon - Kristin Kreuk
    • Naomi Kent - Anette O'Tole
    • Jerald Kent - John Schneider
    • Jor-El - Julian Sands
    • Lara-El - Helan Slater
    • Alexander Luthor - Lucas Gabreel
    • Kal-L/Superman - Tom Welling
    • Lois Lane - Erica Durance

    In an alternatve universe where super-heroes are comic book fiction, an infant alien boy is transported from his evaporating homeworld Krypton, to Earth. Raised as Clark Kent, the boy embraces his alien heritage and models himself after his comic book hero, the iconic Superman. As his universe begins to crumble around him, the boy finds himself in the middle of tough decisions that could affect all of re…

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  • NatDuv

    Alot of us are dissapointed that Tom did not wear the full suit in the Smallville Series Finale. I'm not really dissapointed, because Tom Welling isn't Superman. Tom Welling is Clark Kent, which I think is the reason he didn't wear the suit. The character he played had flaws, and doubts, but that character he played in that last 10 minutes of the series, didn't. It was a dramatic change from who he had been used to, and the suit would have been the end of the character he was used to, and really, we were used to. We grew up with a Clark Kent who was human, who was relatable, who had his own doubts and self-esteem issues, he was everything Superman wasn't. And Tom Welling was used to playing that character, who was full of emotion and doubt…

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  • NatDuv

    Smallville Wiki Awards!

    July 16, 2011 by NatDuv

    Krpytonsite had one. Why don't we? For each category whichever nominee gets the most votes wins, of course.

    Favorite Male Lead -

    Favorite Female Lead -

    Favorite Episode -

    Favorite Director -

    Favorite Episode Writer -

    Favorite Guest Character -

    Favorite Super-Hero -

    Favorite Super-Villain -

    Favorite Season -

    Favorite Scene -

    Favorite Actor -

    Favorite Song Featured on the show -

    Please be as impartial as possible. Consider the nominees blog post rather than the actual blogger.

    Favorite Blogger -

    Favorite Blog Post -

    Favorite Spin-Off -

    Favorite Season 11 -

    Favorite FanFiction Episode -

    Favorite Original Character -

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