Bruce Wayne
Family Thomas Wayne (father, deceased) Martha Wayne (mother, deceased), Alfed Pennyworth (butler, legal guardian), Richard Grayson (adopted son), Jason Todd (adopted son, deceased) Tim Drake (adopted son)
Occupation Ceo of Wayne Enterprises

Member of the Justice League

Powers and
Advanced suit. Highly trained in martial arts. Athletic level near physical perfection
Played By Jamie Bamber
Status Alive

Bruce Wayne is the orphaned son of the late Thomas and Martha Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and the vigilantee known as The Batman.


Bruce is a tall muscluar handsome man. About 6'1, Bruce has deep blue eyes, brown hair and a clean cut look. When out on bussiness, he usually wears a black or dark blue suit and tie. When in his Batsuit, he wears a dark gray suit with a bat emblem on the chest, dark leather cloack and cape, black gloves and boots, and a black utility belt.

Powers and Abilities

Bruce is a world-class fighter and detective. His fighting experience includes Karate, Judo, Taekwandoe, Jujitsu, Ninjistu, and Boxing. His reaction timing, speed and strength are above those of a normal human.

Bruce has a number of objects and a special suit he uses to fight crime.

  • Batsuit - A hightech suit which enhances his durability, precision and focus.

    Bruce Wayne's Batsuit.

    The batsuit consist of heavy duty custom black boots, a bulletproof dark gray body suit with a bat emblem, long heavyily padded grip gloves and removable dagger fins, a long leathery black cloack/glider, and a bullet proof mask with "bat ears", white eye lenses (used for thermal vision, calculating distances and also serves as binoculars) and a communication device.

He also carries a batsuit which contains the following:

  • Batarang - Bat shaped shurikana with multiple purposes
  • Grappling gun - Grappling hook projectile device.
  • Flashlight
  • Tasergun - Taser gun which shoots mini projectiles capable of shock.
  • Black cape - capable of gliding long distances.
  • Mini PC - used for quickly finding information.


Batmobile exterior

Exterior of the Batmobile

Batmobile interior

Interior of the Batmobile

Bruce also uses a modified heavily armored sports car as the powerful Batmobile, an four wheeled Car-like ATV capable of going up to 400 mph. The Batmobile has leathal defense systems, an emergency computer database, and communication system.

Early life

Bruce lived a good life as the son of Gotham's most respected company owners. One night while watching "The Legend of Zorro" at a local theater, his parents were shot dead by a mugger. Sometime after that, his butler, Alfred Pennyworth adopted him, and rasied him until he was old enough to regain Wayne Enterprises, from family friend, Lucius Fox. During his teenage years, Bruce traveled the world seeking inner peace. He trained with scientist, scholars and world class martial artist, and spent countless moments facing his fears, to no avail. Unsure of what to do, Bruce decided to use his abilities for good and became, The Batman.

Smallville Justice League Chronicles

Bruce came to Metropolis alongside Martian Manhunter after recieving an invitation to join the Justice League. Once a member he learned his arch-nemisis, Joker, had followed him, and ended up encountering the Legion, a team of villains. With the aid of his new team, Bruce was able to defeat the team of villains.

Smallville: A New Beginning

~coming soon~

In the comics

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