Hal Jordan
Family Martin Jordan (father,deceased) Jack Jordan (brother), Jim Jordan (brother)
Occupation Test Pilot, Member of the Green Lantern Corp., Member of the Justice League
Powers and
Green Lantern Power Ring
Played By Tahmoh Penikett
Status Alive

Hal Jordan is a Test Pilot, as well as the superhero known as the Green Lantern.

Physical Appearence

Hal Jordan is tall and muscular. He has short brown hair and green eyes.

When patroling as a Green Lantern, his ring generates a costume for him. He wears a black leather-like suit under an armored green chestplate and shoulder pads with the Green Lantern symbol in the middle. On his arms he has long green wrist protectors. He wears green armored boots and on his face, he has a green mask which covers his eyes, eyebrows and nose, which also re-colors his eyes to a glowing pale green color.

Early History

When Hal was a child, he witnessed the death of his Test Pilot father. Following in his father's footsteps, Hal became a Test Pilot for Ferris Air.

Years after becoming a pilot, his plane was taken dramaticly of course by a crashing object. After ejecting from his crashing plane, he ran into Abin Sur, a member of the Green Lantern Corp., who was piloting the crashing vessle. As Abin Sur died he gave Hal his Green Lantern ring, whom he stated the ring said was worthy enough to possess it.

Smallville: A New Beginning

Concept Designs

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