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Smallville: A New Beginning poster by NatDuv.

Fan-made spin-off off of the popular CW Series Smallville, which finished it's series run on May 13, 2011. The spin-off is based off of the events of Smallville episodes Scion and Finale Part 2. Theme song is Not My Time by 3 Doors Down, mainly becuause in the show, Conner doesn't know if it's time to become Superboy.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

Hero Teams

The Titans

  • Donna Troy - Alyssa Diaz
  • Arsenal/Roy Harper -
  • Wally West/Flash - Drew Van Acker
  • Garth/Tempest -
  • Raven - Brooke Lyons
  • Nightwing/Robin/Richard Grayson - Nathan Keyes

Teen Titans

  • The Robin/Tim Drake - Graham Phillips
  • Blue Bettle/Jaime Reyes - Brandon Jared Bartlett
  • Aqualad/Jackson Hyde - Najee De-Tiege
  • Static/Virgil Hawkins - Leon Thomas III
  • Mia Dearden/Speedy - Elise Gatien
  • Wondergirl/Cassandra Sandsmark - Jennifer Lawrence
  • Kid Flash/Bart Allen II - Ryan Pinkston
  • Victor Stone/Cyborg - Lee Tohmpson Young

The Ravers

  • Twelfth Knight - ??
  • Hardrock - ??
  • Aura - ??
  • Sparx - ??

Justice League (see here)


Season 1 (2011-2012)

  • Complete first season will be availiable for download on November 11, 2011 in multiple formats, for E-books, desktops and Mp3 Players.



Smallville a new beginning poster 5

Smallville: A New Beginning Season 1 poster by NatDuv

June 19, 2011 - Episode 1 "Rebirth": 14-year old Conner enters Smallville High and has to live up to the expectations of being part of the "Kent Football dyasty". Lex Luthor attempts at regaining his memory and finds a peice of DNA from one of his past victims. Conner faces his first enemy. Read here

June 25, 2011 - Episode 2 "Runaway" : Conner finds the lab where he was created, as well as another mysterious being, LNA 3. Now he must help her escape Lex. Read here

July 1, 2011 - Episode 3 "Assimilate": Conner tries to help Lena (LNA 3) assimilate to every day life. After his last encounter with Conner, Lex has a horde of mercenaries hunt him down. Read here

July 8, 2011 - Episode 4 "Enigma" : Conner becomes a media sensation when Zoe and Clayton witness one of his saves. A group known as Intergang comes to Smallville, the newest victims a crusade by TV detective known as Roy Ramond Jr. Read here

July 15, 2011 - Episode 5 "Gathering": Conner meets a gang of metahumans who offer him a chance at fitting in. Martha tries to encourage Conner and Lena to reveal their secrets to eachother. Read here

July 22, 2011 - Episode 6 "Apprentice": Clark returns and takes Conner to the Fortress to learn about his heritage. Lois and Chloe begins investigating LuthorCorp's cloning projects, and find Zoe investigating too. Martha helps Lena discover her identity.Read here

'scheduled for realease on July 29, 2011 - 'Episode 7 "Captive": Conner and Lena help Clark find Chloe, Lois and Zoe, who had been kidnapped by Lex Luthor. Lex begins a new cloning project.

'scheduled for realease on August 5, 2011 - 'Episode 8 "Recruit": Conner encounters a group known as The Ravers, with a particular interest in him. However, this team proves more than difficult to work with.

'scheduled for realease on August 12, 2011 - 'Episode 9 "Fugitive": Martha witnesses a crime happen, and is being chased down by the murderers. Conner has to protect her.

'scheduled for realease on August 19, 2011 - 'Episode 10 "Revenge": After Martha is injured on Conner's behalf Andrea Rojas returns and tries to prevent Conner from making the mistakes she did.

'scheduled for realease on August 26, 2011 - 'Episode 11 "Addicted": The town becomes the production center of a new Kryptonite drug. Mass mutations begin to occur. Conner has to isolate himself to avoid death.

'scheduled for realease on September 2, 2011 - 'Mid-Season Finale: Episode 12 "Duplicate": Conner encouters Match, a deformed clone of himself, and the prototype for "Project Bizarro".

'scheduled for realease on Octorer 7, 2011 - Episode 13 "Match": Conner finds himself facing a Clone of himself and a clone of Clark. Clark returns to help him fight them off.

'scheduled for realease on Octorer 14, 2011 - Episode 14 "Freak": Silversword returns and forms an alliance with a new breed of villains. The Ravers try to end thier partying ways inorder to attempt at redemption, but end up causing more trouble for Conner.

'scheduled for realease on Octorer 21, 2011 - Episode 15 "Phermone": Conner is affected by Red Kryptonite, and starts to harbor intensly lustful feelings for Lena. He then seeks out to murder Lex. Martha and Emil try to reverse the process.

'scheduled for realease on Octorer 28, 2011 - Episode 16: "Metmorphosis": Conners powers begin to burst and become hard to control. After an accident leaves a large part of Smallville damaged, Clark is forced to come back to help contain him.

'scheduled for realease on November 4, 2011 - Episode 17 "Control": Conner's Lex side begins to take hold of him. Lena and Martha are shocked when he falls into a deep seizure and sudden choma.

'scheduled for realease on November 11, 2011 - Season Finale: Episode 18 "Endgame": After discovering a boken shard of the mother box in the Fortress, Conner encounters Dark Zero, a version of himself from Clark Luthor's world. Lena is kidnapped by Lex, who tries to maniplate her into being his protege.

Season 2 (2012-2014)

  • Michael Rosenbaum joins the main cast.
  • Lee Tomphson Young makes his second appearence on the show.



SMANB DarkZero

Smallville: A New Beginning Season 2 poster by NatDuv

'scheduled for release Feburary 3, 2012 - Episode 19 "Trapped": Stuck in Black Zero's world, Conner finds himself having to find a way to come back to Earth. Chloe and Emil attempt at manipulating the power of the Mirror Box bring Conner back. Lena is put through multiple forms of torture by Lex. Conner and Black Zero engage in their final battle.

'scheduled for release Feburary 10, 2012 - Episode 20 "Knockout": Conner covers for Clark, who is on a mission with the League. Knockout comes from Apokolips and begins to clash with Conner.

'scheduled for release Feburary 17, 2012 - Episode 21 "Titans": Cyborg begins leading a new team of heroes and needs Conner to join them inorder to stop the Brotherhood.

'scheduled for release Feburary 24, 2012 - Episode 22 "Reunion": Kara returns from the 31st century, and begins to clash with Conner. Metallo and Toyman return and attack them. Lena confronts Lex in an attempt to kill him.

'scheduled for release March 2, 2012 - Episode 23 "Ravers": Conner has to make the decision to join the Ravers or Titans. Zoe and Clayton begin an anti-Ravers campaign. Lex gives Lena one final offer. Work for him, or die.

'scheduled for release March 9, 2012 - Episode 24 "Powerless": Conner becomes infected with a blue kryptonite virus and loses his powers. Forced to work, Lena attempts at finding out wether or not Conner has powers.

'scheduled for release March 16, 2012 - Episode 25 "Normal": Conner, still powerless, begins to reep the benifits of normalcy. When he discovers Lena is missing, he seeks Oliver's help in training him to fight crime without his powers, and searches for her. Lena is trapped inside LexCorp inorder for Lex to keep an eye on her.

'scheduled for release March 23, 2012 - Episode 26 "Repowered": Desperate to gain his abilites again, Conner seeks Jor-El's help. Jor-El feels Conner is not worthy to have powers, and gives him a mission to prove himself. Lena attempts at escaping Lex's influence.

'scheduled for release March 30, 2012 - Episode 27 "Mastermind": Conner begins to fall under Lex's influence again. Knockout returns and fights him off. Lena seeks Conners help in fighting off Lex.

'scheduled for release April 6, 2012 - Episode 28 "Salvation": Inorder to free himself from Lex's control, Conner uses Black Kryptonite and seperates Conner Kent from Alexander Luthor. Things go bad when Alexander joins Lex's side. Lena, now free from Lex, searches for a new home.

'scheduled for release April 13, 2012 - Episode 29 "Truth": Now permantely free from Lex's influence, Conner confesses his origins to Lena, and is suprised when she reavels herself to be a kindred spirit. Lex reveals Alexander to the world as his son.

'scheduled for release April 20, 2012 - Mid Season Finale: Doomsday Returns TV Movie: Smallville High Spring Formal
SMANB death of superman poster

Smallville: A New Beginning "Doomsday returns" by NatDuv

has arrived. Conner and Lena begin to gain a romantic interest in eachother. The festivites end when Clark faces an old enemy. - Conner arrives in Metropolis and finds himself having to help Clark defeat Doomsday. Lex and Alexander attempt at escaping Metropolis, only for Lex to betray his "son". Clark and Doomsday clash in a final battle. Conner proceeds to help evacuate Metropolis as Superman and Doomsday strike their final blows, ending in death and multiple dissapearences.

'scheduled for release June 22, 2012 - Episode 32 "Neglected": Due to survivors guilt, Conner ends up in a deep depression. Kara confronts him and convinces him to accept his birthright as the next Man of Steel. Alexander, now betrayed, escapes from Lex and finds Lena.

Smallville a new beginning poster 6

Smallville: A New Beginning Death of Superman saga poster by NatDuv.

Episode 33 "Symbol": Conner begins to patrol metropolis as Clark's first identity, The Blur. Believing Clark to have returned, Lois confronts him. Lex's mercenaries begin to search for Alexander and Lena.

Episode 34 "Theft": In an attempt at protecting Lena and his "brother" Alexander, Conner attempts at destroying the HQ of Lex's mercenaries, only to find a cyberneticly enhanced Superman. Things go awry when Conner gets close to him, as the two end up in a fight to the death.

Clash of the Supermen TV Movie: With the Cyborg Superman on the loose, as well as the rise of Steel, another "Superman", and the Eradicator, Conner finds himself having to fight for the right to the S-shield. When dangerous alliances are made, Conner finds himself having to make quick allies with these strangers. Martha finds herself trapped with one of the Supermen, who claim to be the real Kent. Zoe and Clayton get dangerously close to the story of Superman's death, and end up being kidnapped by Lex.

Episode 37 "Krypton": With Clark's return, Conner decides to begin his training under Jor-El. To explain the uniqueness of his Krpytonian heritage, Jor-El transports Conner to Krypton. A mysterious foe is ressurected with a new purpose.

Episode 38 "Kindred": Conner finds himself facing a ressurected Davis Bloome, now equipped with his natural Kryptonian abilities, and seeking revenge for his death. With the portal to the Phantom Zone open, Conner has to send Davis inside. This task proves not be easy, as the new Davis proves to be as strong as Clark. Martha attempts at helping Lena and Alexander gain control of LexCorp.

Season Finale: Episode 39 "Puppeteer": Clark discovers a dangerous foe has been controlling the recent events occuring. A deadly ghost of the past returns, and unleashes an invasion upon earth. The fate of Earth and the fate of the future rest in the combined forces of the Justice League and Titans.

Season 3 (2015-2016)

  • Lucas Gabreel takes on two roles, as Alexander Luthor Jr. becomes a main character.
  • Lex Luthor leaves the main cast.
  • Marcus becomes main cast member
  • Zoe and Clayton leave



Episode 40 "Invasion": The two teams join forces to fight off Darkseid's Parademons. Clark faces Darkseid. Conner runs into Kalibak,

Smallville: A New Beginning Season 3 poster by NatDuv

son of Darkseid. Knockout confronts Conner, unaware of wether to fight her ally or her homeplanet.

Episode 41 "Migrate": Due to recent events, and with Clark and Martha's insistence, Conner goes on a hero hiatus and decides to relocate to Hawaii for a few days. Conner is suprised to find Dr. Kuau, who has moved back to Hawaii, claming to have reformed. Unsure of his nature, Conner decides to spy on him.

Episode 42 "Eruption": Conner finds himself in the middle of disaster as Hawaii experiences sudden volcanic eruptions. He now has to push his limits to save everyone.

Episode 43 "Rouges": Ready to return home after a month in Hawaii, Conner finds himself unable to, as Hawaii's most dangerous metahumans begin to attempt at taking over. Unable to fight them all, Conner calls in the Ravers for assitance.

Episode 44 "Surpise": Conner returns to Metropolis and reunited with a ghost of his past, Dr. Christina Lammell, who explains his origins to him, and reveals the truth behind the disappearence of Tess. Lex meets with Lena and Alexander, where he makes a shocking decision.

SMANB Alexander

Smallville: A New Beginning season 3 by NatDuv

Episode 45 "Phantom":
Conner is suprised when he wakes up in the Phantom Zone, an interdimensional prison created by Jor-El. Lena and Alexander begin to investigate the Luthor legacy.

Episode 46 "Wards": As Conner learns the Teen Titans have split up, before he had a chance to join, he tries to gather their succesors into a new Teen Titans. Tim Drake, Jackson Hyde, Bart Allen, and Cassandra Sandmark are introduced.

Episode 47 "Relations": Lena begins to undergo a metamorphisis like Conner did, and she begins to aquire Kryptonian powers.

Episode 48 "Soul": Believing himself not to have a soul, Conner runs in headfirst with Jinx and Klarion the Witchboy. His decision is proven wrong, and Teen Titan Raven interveenes to save Conner from the darkness of his enemy.

Episode 49 "Doubts": After a bad week of heroics, Conner begins to doubt his abilities as a hero. Knowing his assurance is needed, Jor-El has Conner relive the week as the people he saved.

Episode 50 "Intoxicated": When Clark is poisoned with a green kryptonite serum, Conner seeks help from Tim Drake in finding a stone of White Kryptonite, the purest form of Kryptonite. Things go awry when they find themselves in the midde of a drug trade by a mercenary named Bane.

Episode 51 "Legend": Conner meets Legion members, Lightning Lad, Brainiac 5 and Ultraboy. Unsure of his identity, the legion members see him as a possible threat.

Episode 52 "Strykers": Conner wakes up in Strykers Island, a high-security prison off the coast of Metropolis. Now powerless and unable to escape, he loses hope until he meets a mysterious telepath named Megan.

Episode 53 "Marine": Conner helps Jackson Hyde, apprentince of Arthur Curry in escaping his father, the ruthless undersea terrorist known as the Black Manta.

SMANB S3 finale

Smallville: A New Beginning Season 3 Finale by NatDuv

Episode 54 "Bound": Conner ends up in a chain gang with members of his rouges gallery trying to escape a group of anti-metahuman military officers.

Episode 55 "Newsprint": At a family fair at the Daily Planet, Conner meets Jimmy Olsen, younger brother of Clark's old friend Henry Olsen. In an attempt to meet the expectations of the picknickers, the pair attempt at uncovering a story.

Episode 56 "Midnight": Conner takes Cassandra (Wondergirl) to a teen club on their first date. When Cassandra goes missing, he goes to investigate, and finds out the club is the center of a forced prostitution ring.

Episode 57 "Break-in": When Stryker's breaks out in a prison riot that threatens to start a mob war in Metropolis, the League request that Conner go into check things out. Under an alias, Conner gets himself arrested.

'Season Finale: 'Episode 58 "Mantle": After all he's been through, Conner decides it is time for him to fulfill his destiny and become Superboy. Lena begins to have flashbacks and searches for a way to have her powers removed. Lex attacks Superboy using his Project Prometheus suit.

Season 4 - The Final Season (2016-2017)

  • Andrea Bowen leaves the main cast, returns for 3 episode
  • Cassidy Freeman returns for 1 episode
  • Michael Rosenbaum returns for 2 episode
  • Tom Welling returns for 3 episodes, three times as Kal-El, and twice as Kal-L
  • Eric Matsolf returns for 2 episodes as Booster Gold
  • Hector Hall/Dr. Fate is introduced for 1 episode



Smallville a new beginning poster 3

Final Season poster by NatDuv

Episode 59 "Aviate": After a fight with Lex, leaves Conner and most of LexCorps members trapped in a falling Boweing, Conner must access one of his final abilties to try and save them.

Episode 60 "Static": Conner chases Toyman to Dakota City, where he encounters Static, a teenaged supehero. When Conner is ambushed by Statics rouges who formed an alliance with Toyman, he looks to Static, who knows how to deal with them.

Episode 61 "Photo": When Jimmy Olsen officialy begins working at the Daily Planet, and can't seem to catch a break, Conner and Jimmy make a deal, Conner let's Jimmy take Superboy's first photo and Jimmy becomes his De facto press agent.

Episode 62 "Suspicion": Conner's bold actions and young age causes the public to question whether or not he's responsible enough to be a hero.

Episode 63 "Livewire": Lena returns to Smallville. Leslie Willis returns after being killed by Tess Mercer. After learning of Tess's death, and her young clone, Leslie sets her eyes on Lena.

Episode 64 "Parasite": Conner loses his powers to Rudy Jones, and decides to attempt at fighting back without his abilities. He must find a way to regain his abilities.

Episode 65 "Double": Match re-awakens and comes back a confused and mislead villain. Alexander begins to become jealous of Conner's life.

Episode 66 "Deathstroke": When General Slade Wilson returns, younger than before, he battles Conner, the newest victim of his anti-vigilantee movement.

Episode 67 "Secret": A new hero comes to town, who can disappear without a trace. But is she a friend or foe?

Episode 68 "Elders": Conner is suprised to find Clark, more powerful and much older than he was when Conner last saw him, and with no idea who Conner is. Thinking he is a villain, the
Smallville a new beginning finale 2

Smallville: A New Beginning final season poster by NatDuv

new Clark attacks Conner, who doesn't stand a chance against his power.

Episode 69 "Boosted": Conner finds himself the rising star of a new reality series by Roy Ramond Jr.. His co-star, Booster Gold.

Episode 70 "Shazam": Conner saves a 13-year old boy from a magical enemy known as the Black Adam, and has to watch over him like a guardian.

Episode 71 "Gateway": When Clark recieves a cry for help from the Fortress, he takes Conner and Kara with him to New Krypton, where Zod has released himself from the Phantom Zone along with his gladiators, and have begun to attack.

Episode 72 "Emerge": Conner and Lena are shocked to find Tess Mercer, alive in the middle of Smallville. Alexander exiles himself.

Episode 73 "Strange": Hawkman returns at the same time as Adam Strange heroes arrive on Earth, and the two heroes break into conflict.

Episode 74 "Lantern": Conner meets teenage Kyle Rayner, the newest Green Lantern, and succesor to Hal Jordan as the Guardian of Earth. Hal Jordan returns, this time as fierce as his enemies.

Smallville a new beginning finale

Smallville: A New Beginning Finale poster by NatDuv

Episode 75 "Powergirl": Powergirl, a new Kryptonian superhero, arrives on earth and gathers the susipcion of Clark, Conner and Kara

Episode 76 "Catastrophy": Metropolis goes into chaos when Watchtower threatens to explode in the middle of the city.

Episode 77 "Crisis": Conner is confronted by Booster Gold, the new Dr. Fate (Carter Hall's son) and Kal-L, who warn him that a Crisis is near. All of Earth's heroes come together, as battles began to happen around the world. A living satellite forms outside of Earth. Alexander is transported to another plane of existance, where he has the ability to alter reality. A new enemy rises.

Smallville A New Beginning Series Finale "Epilouge": The story concludes here as the effects of the Crisis come to pass.

Related Series

  • Justice League Chronicles - The Justice League grows larger as new threats form.
  • Rise of Superman Prime - Inbetween episodes 76 and 77. The story of a Clark Kent who completed his journey by the time he finished High School.

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