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NatDuv July 16, 2011 User blog:NatDuv

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Krpytonsite had one. Why don't we? For each category whichever nominee gets the most votes wins, of course.

Smallville Awards

Favorite Male Lead -

Favorite Female Lead -

Favorite Episode -

Favorite Director -

Favorite Episode Writer -

Favorite Guest Character -

Favorite Super-Hero -

Favorite Super-Villain -

Favorite Season -

Favorite Scene -

Favorite Actor -

Favorite Song Featured on the show -

Smallville Wiki Blog Awards

Please be as impartial as possible. Consider the nominees blog post rather than the actual blogger.

Favorite Blogger -

Favorite Blog Post -

Favorite Spin-Off -

Favorite Season 11 -

Favorite FanFiction Episode -

Favorite Original Character -

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