Alot of us are dissapointed that Tom did not wear the full suit in the Smallville Series Finale. I'm not really dissapointed, because Tom Welling isn't Superman. Tom Welling is Clark Kent, which I think is the reason he didn't wear the suit. The character he played had flaws, and doubts, but that character he played in that last 10 minutes of the series, didn't. It was a dramatic change from who he had been used to, and the suit would have been the end of the character he was used to, and really, we were used to. We grew up with a Clark Kent who was human, who was relatable, who had his own doubts and self-esteem issues, he was everything Superman wasn't. And Tom Welling was used to playing that character, who was full of emotion and doubt, and who didn't want to make his heroics public, but wanted to hide in the shadows, and in those last minutes, he had to leave that all behind and become a completely different person.

There also might have been a legacy aspect to it, as in the legacy that comes with the suit. Tom Welling would have been the Superman with the shortest screen time in history, after 10 years of being Clark Kent. So what's the point of 10 years as Clark Kent, if you can only have 10 minutes as Superman. It may have also been bad for Tom personally. No one in the history of Superman has ever been positively compared to Christopher Reeves. Everytime a Superman has been compared, it's been what makes him NOT Superman. Tom Welling had put 10 years into life into this, and to have himself black-balled because of those 10 minutes, wouldn't have been worth it.

Why do you guys think he didn't wear the suit?

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