This is the Smallville Wiki. The largest source of Smallville information on the web. It makes no sense to me, to delete a Smallville Wiki page for a character who has appeared on the show. It doesn't matter if there's "not much we can put", most of you are forgetting, there are a CHAIN of Wikis, each of them have a page for the Heroes and Villains of Smallville! Proposed Changes:

  • If a DC hero or villain appears with not much information on them, add links to other wikis, where the user may aquire more information on the Character, such as the DCU Wiki.
  • If a character appears twice, the actor is known, and they have a speaking role, let them have a page. Especially in the event that their name is confirmed outside of the episode, such as on a writers blog or script.
  • Media which relates to the show, such as a parody or fan-film, should also be allowed to have a page with a notice that informs the viewer it is non-canon.
  • Wether or not a page is a candidate for deletion should be decided by more than one user.
  • All page deletions must be decided through a vote, and one wiki user alone cannot decide if a page should be deleted.

Who agrees?

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