A Spin-off of "Metropolis" this focuses on the training of Conner Kent as Superboy. Clark and Kara are her too. It's theme song is the same one from the hit tv series charmed.

Main Cast for Season 1

Season One

  • Closure part 1: Conner begins training with Kara and Clark. When he and Isabella get to school, Conner catches the eye of Tana Moon, while a man (Blackout) with special power of absorsion attacks the School, eggin Conner into battle.
  • Closure part 2: Blackout is attack is defeated by Conner, but he is beaten, an inter vention with Kara is needed.
  • Bitten: Wanting to impress Conner, Tana tries to join a cool girls club, but finds out they are recruits of a vampire worshiping cult.
  • Shame: Conner befriends Tim Drake/Robin, but finds out what it truly means to be either a sidekick and some one's partner, while Kara is attacked by the new enemy Jason Devlin/Prank.
  • Course : Conner dyes his hair blonde in an attempt to seperate himself from Clark, but it causes new enemy Dr. Light to kidnap him in a identity mix up.
  • Poisonous: Pamela Isley is transformed into Poison Ivy and She tries to use her powers to Convice Conner to join the dark side.
  • Let Down: While patroling with Black Canary, Conner faces the threat of Hellhound.
  • Sacred: Bette Sans Souci/Plastique battles Conner in an attempt to attract the atention of Clark and Kara.
  • Lifeline: Tana is seriously injured but Conner and Isabella are unable to her to hospital thanks to new villainess Killer Frost.
  • Pudge: Conner drinks a special elixir called "Scarlet Nectar" but it causes Conner to become temporarily overweight, wich actually helps him in a fight with Mark Desmond/Blockbuster.
  • Lies: Lois lies to Conner so he won't get into trouble but it causes him to act out and almost join Intergang.
  • Crime: Zan and Jayna are seemingly killed, forcing Conner to fight a man called Johnny Sorrow
  • Stained part 1: Solomon Grundy is here and he fights Conner, Tim and Mia against all odds.
  • Stained part 2: Mia finds out that the whole thing was a ruse caused by a man named Coun Vertigo, who tries to kill Conner.
  • If Only: Conner faces a powerhouse named Knockout who has a crush on him. (Conner and Tana share their first kiss).
  • Linda: Conner faces a resurected Linda Lake who says she's repented, but is she even who she says she is?
  • Down part 1: Conner fights the mystrious Raven, while Tana finds out Conner's secret.
  • Down part 2: Conner races to save Tana from Raven's father Trigon.

Season 2

  • Damaged: When Tana breaks up Conner because of his secret, Tim is attacked by a man named Ra's Al Ghul .
  • Scarcecrow part 1: Conner, Mia, Tim, Zan and Jayna ar all attacked by there worst fears.
  • Scarcrow part 2: A man called the Scare crow is behind the teens recent endeavor.
  • Red: Conner is infected with a special type of Red K that turns him completely back into Alexander, until Martha and Isbella save him.
  • Wondergirl: Cassie Sandmark/Wondergirl joins the team and becomes Conner's new girlfriend, meanwhile Ares attacks the team.
  • Hypnotic: Conner is hypnotized into doing crimes for Jonah Hex, who is a disfigured hitman.
  • Spellbound: Loudres Lucero uses her powers to hurt Cassie, and Conner forced to save her and stop Loudres.
  • In Love: Tana realizes she still loves Conner and is shocked to here he is dating Cassie, causing her to become Dominus's slave.
  • Spoiled: A rich girl called Arrowette attacks Mia and Conner, and they're saved by a girl called the Spoiler.
  • Clues part 1: Spoiler's father the Cluemaster kidnaps the teenheroes.
  • Clues part 2: Conner, Zan, and Cassie escape but the others are still caught.
  • My Girl: Conner and Cassie decide it's better to be friends, but when Conner tries to talk with Tana, he finds out Dominus is controling her.
  • Toys in the Attic part 1: Toyman harrases the newly reunited Conner and Tana.
  • Toys in the Attic part 2: Conner defeats Toyman.
  • Pudge, again: Conner is forced to retake the Scarlet Necter to stop the newly escape Blockbuster.
  • Titans: When a woman named Blacksmith fights the teens, the call themselves the Titans, but Conner goes missing.
  • Superboy Returns part 1: Conner returns, but is it really Conner? Tana and Cassie don't think so.
  • Superboy Returns part 2: The fake Superboy goes into battle with Conner