I have come up with a summary of a good plot for a Smallville Movie.

3 Years after Clark Kent became the worlds greatest hero Superman he is living in peace in Metropolis. But during an excavation to the artic after learning of disturbances, Lex Luthor encounters pieces of left over alien computers. He bring them back to bond with his human engineering technology and unknownigly reactivates the Original Brainiac. In the same body as before along with his symbol on his head and more technologic. Brainiac realizes Lex doesnt remember his past and tends to keep it that way for Brainiac's own advantage. Brainiac recruits Lex Luthor for his help with a bargain; If Lex were to help distract Superman away from Metropolis in destroying Smallville, Brainiac would destroy him and also build in a kryptonite exo skeleton suit for him to rule Metropolis. Lex sends Metallo and Dark Archer (with kryptonite arrows) to attack Superman after he causes a exploision in Smallville. Superman gets help from Green Arrow who returns and is kidnapped by Brainiac after the fight. Superman returns to Metropolis and takes on Brainiac and after a hard fight, uses a Queen industries EMP bomb made from Green Arrows emp arrows (Reunion) and knocks him through space. Releasing Green Arrow, Lex Luthor in his new suit begins to take down Superman. Lex about to deliver a final blow, is shot in the arm by Green Arrow and Superman knocks him into a building. Lex blasts him and Superman uses his heat vision to battle it. Green Arrow uses a mini explosive to disrupt Lex's suit and Superman puts him in jail for his crimes.


Tom Welling: Superman

Michael Rosenbaum: Lex Luthor

Erica Durance: Lois Lane

Justin Hartley: Green Arrow

Aaron Ashmore: Jimmy Olsen

Michael McKean: Perry White

with James Marsters: Brainiac

and Allison Mack: Chloe Sullivan

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