I had just watched the finale again and I was very into the final moments between Clark and Lex. As u know Lex reminds them of him becoming his ultimate enemy and for both of them to embrace their destinies. And at the very last moment before Clark speeds away he's telling Clark they know who can stop Darkseid. Then the last line has clark saying he's sorry he couldnt save Lex. What really got me and I probably didnt recognize it at first because I hadnt seen it since the 6th season but Lex actually smiled from not being saved and it wasnt a ordinary smile it was a evil, devious and it actually gave me the goosebumps. It was right when Clark sped off the camera goes to Lex and watch closely because he smiles and it will show you how evil Michael is playing Lex. I watched that moment about 5 times today because that I realized showed every bit of Lex's journey into darkness the last 10 years in one 5 second shot. Some people may have already saw it, some might've missed it like me so im just saying to rewatch that part especially and you will feel closer to Lex's story then ever before.

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