Another possible fact showing that Lex may still be alive came to me when i was reading his notes on this wiki. Do u remember in season 6/7 when Lana took a clone of her and faked her death by having the clone die? Yea what if Lex did the same for him. He did tell lana that it was brilliant. With all the clones shown in season 10 that Lex made, what if the Lex that Oliver presumably killed, was in fact a clone of him?After all for people to stop looking for him he had to find a way to do that and the remains of the clone were a perfect way to do that. Its just like Lana's death except that he definitley hid it better. I watched Requiem and it shows him with a huge light on him from the explosion but we thought that he was in it. It does sound a lot more like Lex to escape death again like that and all this time he has been working on healing and getting stronger like he tryed doing with Prometheus. Lex Luthor in the comics has always known to escape death and even in the show he escaped death several times from the moment he was beginnging to drown in the pilot to the moment he escaped the ruins of the fortress of solitude in artic. (and it shows he escaped in bride/ requiem). It does sound a lot better and if you look at my profile i gave another fact showing that he is still alive and this is the 2nd. So right not im like 75% believing that Lex Luthor the ultimate oppenment of superman is still alive and we'll see him in the finale.

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