In the season 7 finale Artic, Lex mentions that he could've helped clark become a hero. Do u think that were true if Lex found out his secret. I mean was nice about it in Asylum (besides being trapped by his own father in a mental asylum) but then again when it was kara in the alternate world of Apocalypse Lex destroyed the planet years after he found out and tried to make Kara and himself a hero. So its hard to say but their friendship was strong and I for one agree that maybe if Clark had told Lex his secret (better in the first two seasons since their friendship was being fought against starting in season 3. I think tho maybe Lex would've done what he did to Kara though if Clark had found out. I mean his destiny, his father, and all of the darkness had been inflicting him to darkness and villiany. Lex might've also just created another clark luthor version of superman for all we know. But also clark might've been able to save lex.

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