Just a fun post what was your favorite episode with Lionel Luthor Earth-2?

A. Luthor (featuring ultraman and Kelly Souders directing)

B. Beacon (featuring Martha Kent's return and Alexander Luthor (LX-15 Clone)

C. Scion (featuring Conner Kent, Al Septien directing and Darkseid (at the end))

D. Finale, Part 2 (featuring Lex Luthor and the finale of the series)

To me I loved Luthor the best because that was the one of the very few episodes that I thought showed Lionel as a powerful and seriously scary villain who had no powers but was a major threat to Clark and Earth. His control of Earth-2 made his presence more powerful and his breaking the 4th wall was one of my favorite moments of the show. As much as I loved his presence in the Finale, I didnt really count him when he was possessed by Darkseid so all he did was capture Tess and surrender himself to save Lex. My 2nd choice would be Scion, Finale is 3rd and Beacon is 4th.

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