Season 1: 8.4 million for Pilot

Season 2: Not confirmed

Season 3: First 14 episodes not confirmed but last 7 Covnant is highest with 5.92 million

4: Hugly surprise the highest is Devoted with 6.20 million, 2nd place is Crusade 6.07, and 3rd is Transference with 5.69 million. Also a surprise Onyx (which is in my top 10 of favorite episodes) was the lowest of the season with 3.85

5: The highest is Aqua with 6.40million, 2nd is the 100th episode Reckoning with 6.28 million and 3rd our other superhero episode Cyborg is 6.24million

6: The highest is what everyone probably can guess on is Justice with 5.26 million, 2nd is our bow wow guest Fallout with 5.01 and 3rd is another surprise with the very wierd episode of Labryinth that is so close to Fallout with 5.00 million.

7: In first place was a tie between bad boy Bizarro episode and Dean Cain's Cure with 5.18mil, 2nd place goes to the beauty pageant Fierce with 4.82 mil, and 3rd goes to the surprise episode of hollywood Action with 4.65mil beating bad girl Lana episode Wrath by only .01mil.

8: 1st place goes to (a surprise for me) the popular kara episode Bloodline with 4.45 mil, 2nd is the premiere and 2nd justice leage episode Odyssey with 4.34 mil, and 3rd is our red blue blur begining Identity with 4.32mil.

9: 1st place goes to the very obvious winner Absolute Justice with an average of 2.77 million, 2nd place goes to our wonder twins surpringly in Idol with 2.68mil, and 3rd place goes to the fun backstory of Kandor with 2.63mil

10: top 5- the winner goes to not the finale, but actually to the 200th episode Homecoming with 3.19 mil, 2nd place goes to the Finale of course with a average of 3.02 mil, 3rd is our premiere episode Lazarus with 2.98mil, 4th is another surprise with the clois sex Harvest episode with 2.96mil, and finally 5th is one of my top 10 favorites teri hatcher's abandoned with 2.90mil. Sadly the least amount of viewers is also in one my favorite episodes (not top 10 tho) Justin Hartley's Dominion with 1.99mil

My top 10 episodes are (not in a specific order)

Onyx (total evil Lex), Abandoned (so many awsome guests and characters), Rosetta (learns who he is and christopher reeve, Justice (justice league vs Lex, Absolute Justice (justice society vs checkmate, Finale (everything), Salvation (zod and clark fight awsome), Fracture (evil lex and also in his mind), Solitude (brainiac fight), and Reckoning (100th episode) and my bonus episode is Homecoming (200th episode)

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