So im watching Lazarus online and im watching and when clark is in the abyss between life and death he sees lex their right? But when we see him come out of the fields he looks likes hes searching or running from somthing. Maybe death. Maybe a way back to life. And then he sees clark and they meet again! But then because lois is taking the blue k out of clark he is going back to life while lex dissapears and thats probably dissapearing back into the abyss maybe between it. OR he could've gotten back to life somehow as well when clark did. Idk but all i do know that no one has thought about before is that maybe Lex isnt dead exactly he could still be in the abyss as we speak or he could be alive. Now with the whole darkseid and lionel thing i get y we think he's dead but i never have known darkseid to be able to bring people back from the dead before IN ANY OF THE COMICS whatsoever. So my point is lex i dont think is dead but Darkseid maybe can help lionel heal him or bring him back from the abyss like lois did for clark. any thoughts?

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