So at the end Lionel gave in to his one wish and darkseid that sly dark entity was listening and appeared before Lionel Luthor. I bet that in return for Lionel helping Darkseid corrupt Tess Mercer and the last of Clark's friends, he will bring Lex back from the dead. I bet'cha that Lionel will fulfill his deal by corrupting someone and Darkseid will bring Lex back from the dead by killing Lionel. In the finale i bet lex will betray darkseid somehow and show that Lex is the stronger enemie. I just know that Lionel will die at the hands of either darkseid or Lex. Or i just thought about this maybe Lionel's mission is to release Desaad, Granny and Godfrey because clark says, "And even though we silenced Godfrey, we shutdown Granny's orphanage, and buried Desaad underneath Belle Reve" Yea... i like that better.

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