Well I liked it and I thought that ever since Kent the writers have done a great job ending sub stories and character stories that all lead up to the finale. I may not have liked the exact storys with Kent and Booster but I still liked the endings. In Kent we tied the knots on places more then characters with Earth-2 and the Kent farm. In Booster we tyed the knots of the mini character Cat Grant's story (thank god lol) and also we tied the knot on Clark's fear of fame with the help from our favorite hero we never heard of, Booster Gold and a great ending for Geoff Johns on Smallville. Last week's Dominion I would say i liked the best between the 3 and its main job was to end the zod story and it ended awsomely! It also tied up the series's regular stories (which are stories that dont connect to the main plot of the season like episodes, Isis, Fortune, Booster, and just non connected stories to like the main plots of Darkseid, Brainiac, Doomsday, etc. With Prophecy we tied up Kara's story and just like Zod i loved it and i was totally sad we were saying goodbye to laura vandervoort as kara forever. It also most likely finished Stargirl's smallville story, started up the legion of doom so it kinda showed the complete end of meteor freaks, and surprisingly but i knew it would happen just never thought they would do it lol, end Jor-El's story as the guide to clark's destiny. In the comics jor-el ccould never exist like he does in smallville and i always wondered how they would end that with him and they did it perfectly!

Now back to the quick full review. I was totally surprised that kara didnt have one real scene with clark besides her looking inside of watchtower lol in her final episode. She spent more time with oliver but i get it, she was here to help stop darkseid and she ended her story with what she does in most of the comics: Join the Legion of Super Heroes. I love ya laura u r the best supergirl and will always be mine =). Im glad Granny was back but she was only in one scene and i did not expect for her destroying the bow. After all the hope with it for oli she destroys it in a second. And then she controls him and makes him get gold k? Lol that was awsome but sad because now hes darkseid's full minion lol. This is gonna be on epic of a finale. If stargirl doesnt return in the finale that will be kinda dissapointing the way they ended her just being mind controlled and then poof never see her again lol. The legion of doom was awsome even if we only saw toyman lol i wish there would be more but i figured we wouldnt be able to have more. and lois calling the wedding off? surprising but i hope they dont spend more then like 2 mins talking about that in the finale lol they have bigger fish to fry. I think thats it so i give the episode a 5 destroyed bow of orions out of 5. (P.S. I was very satisifed and thank the writers for telling the story of Darkseid and his son orion it wouldnt be right without orion).

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