I never realized it until now but after the first 5 to 7 episodes I really loved season 7. The great apocalypic fight between the powerless clark and his friends vs Zor-El the evil brother of Clark's father and ally to his father's nemesis, the Bizarro-Brainiac team up was super (even with Brainiac manipulating Bizarro as he did with Lex), Lex Luthor killing his clone brother, The great appearance of Black Canary along with the awsome Green Arrow and Lex fight, Fracture which is one of my top 20 episodes, Hero was ok, Traveler made Lionel more of a villain again and also Dr. Swann's daughter, Veritas gave us one of Brainiac's best episodes and shows us Brainiac is more powerful and cunning then we give him credit for, Descent was Lex's embracement of destiny, Sleeper was eh, Apocalypse one of my top 20 with the Lex-Brainiac team up, Quest was ok, and Artic brought us the showdown between Clark and Lex and Clark and Brainiac, along with great endings for characters. Kara all season was also a treat to have.

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