K so i finished my nicknames now i will go into viewpoints and ratings

ratings= 1 worst, 2- ok but could've been better, 3- eh i liked it but wasnt my "favorite", 4- Really good, 5- Best ever

Season 1- rating: 3

I liked the season mainly because it starts it all. Clark's friendship with Lex was fun to watch. Lana was awsome! Chloe was well not my favorite person for that season, Pete was like barely in it lol, whitney was a person i thought about being the lex of highschool so he was ok, and ma and pa kent of course made this show warm and happy. The pilot was extraordinary! The meteor freaks of the week didnt actually bother me too much because it was the first time at the time i could see cool powers in live action really. Its just the stories werent as good as they could be. The finale was amazing but i really hated episodes drone, obscura, and somewhat crush which were at the end.

Season 2- rating: 4

Season 2 definitly heats things up in our favorite little town of smallville! New powers, Lana and Clark finally are a couple (for a episode or two sadly), Lionel became more of a villain and i was very happy he got promoted to main character, Lex well i didnt feel as happy about him as i did in the last season because when it comes for him to becoming more evil, he barely got closer this season. Clark and Lex's friendship is fun to watch but i was hoping at the time that they would become enemies soon. The meteor freaks were less involved which helped the stories and clark's rise to destiny. Rosetta was just amazing and better then almost all of season 1 lol. Great season finale, great return in vortex, and i was very happy they finally got clark to learn about his past but i think that it didnt have to take so long, lex needed to be more evil, and lana and clark should have been together longer! i mean common it was 1 FREAKING EPISODE THEY were a couple and barely the entire episode. Very dissapointed by that.

the other seasons will continue later by going 2 at a time.

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