Hey guys so i promise the viewpoints will be as quick and concise as can be but first i'll get started on the nicknames i figured out for all 10 seasons and the sagas

Saga 1- The High School Saga

Seasons 1-4

1- The begining (of course)

2- Smallville Heats Up! (literally with heat vision, and others which i will explain in viewpoints)

3- The Dark side (lol) of smallville

4- Search for the Kryptonian stones!

Saga 2- Clark's training and Lex's descent to darkness BEGIN! (Feel free to give me an idea of a name change)

5- College with Brainiac (literally and my favorite title lol)

6- Phantom's unleashed!

7- Lex descends to Darknessj (or clark vs. lex, havent decided)

Saga 3- Either "the final challenges of Clark Kent" or Rise of Superman

8- Destruction of Doomsday!

9- The revenge of Zod

10- The invasion of Darkseid! (Im not completely sure about this title so if anyone has better ideas be free to say.)

Since this was long the rest of my stuff im writing will be added in part 2 created tomorrow.

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