Truth be told, I wasnt all that awsomly excited during the episode as I was with the last 16 episodes. Idk i just didnt feel the vibe as much with ultraman as i did in Luthor. OMG Luthor was awsome! Great episode and probably best like Lionel Luthor scenes in the series. This episode wasnt as good. Ultraman kinda reminded me of bizarro THE WHOLE STINKING TIME! Bizarro from season 7 incase some dont remember is just like ultraman: hates clark, wants clark's world, the way he was acting with tess reminded me of bizarro and lana and that was a huge mess, and he didnt act as evil in the end. Ultraman is supposed to be to be total evil and with that ending i wasnt that all happy. Bizarro ended in a bang (literally) but not a good bang, a bad because the evil bizarros last line was "I love you" to lana. Bad!!!!! Jonathon was cool and the whole earth 2 thing was ok again. In that episode i was more fond with earth 2 story then earth 1. Lois was ok, Dr. Emil was normal, Tess was more involved which was fine and i was really dissapointed with that fight between Clark and Clark.. I was hoping for more of fight like he did with bizarro and zod. I get its harder when they have powers but common! Tom fought himself a couple of times like when Tina Greer was him, then with Bizarro, but ultraman and him barely fought except for ultraman pushing him around. Now i get his plan but still he could've at least put up a little bit of a fight. Even he and conner on red k was a little better..... My rating was a 3.5/5 Common smallville for a top 5 final episode that was poor. I hope booster and the others will be better. I just wasnt as excited as the others... BUT I DID LOVE THAT AWSOME COMMERCIAL FOR SEASON 10! AND I THINK THAT WHEN LEX WAS TALKING THAT WAS FROM THE FINALE! I honestly never heard him say "We have a destiny together. Only on different sides." And that tiny scene with lex and clark was never on before! That was from the finale! Also i can tell because clark was younger looking in season 7 then he is now and that scene with lex and clark WAS NEVER ON BEFORE! Yay!!

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