So guys after watching dominion and trying to figure out all week which zod is in dominion we have learned. Many have thought it to be the clone and many thought it was the origional. But indeed, it was both! I had actually thought that would happen if you look back at my posts. Zod (clone) had been banished to the zone and found Zod (phantom) and Zod (phantom) possessed Zod (clone). Now i had a hard time to tell and since my dad deleted the episode after we watched it i cant fully be sure yet of what he said but I think he said that they are both kinda in control but from the episode i think General Zod (the phantom and now clone as well) is in control. If so it makes more sense and IS A AWSOME WAY TO end the zod story once and for all in smallville. With everything that happend in seasons 5, 6, 9, and now 10 General Zod is alive, has a beard, a body, and is trapped in the phantom zone just like in the comics and superman movies. Thank you smallville writers you ended Zod's story like i wanted and now we wont have to guess a ending for him before the series ends. =)

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