Since people dont like comments and opinions and challenge me to make a season then fine.

A 12 episode season


Tom Welling as Clark Kent (12 E)

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen (10 E)

Serinda Swan as Zatanna (9 E)

Alan Ritchson as AC (9E)

Alaina Huffman as Dinah Lance (9E)

with Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor (9E)

and James Marsters as Brainiac (9 E)

Episode Descriptions

Episode 1 (Earth)- As Clark begins the days in Metropolis in his new costume still named the Blur he tries to figure out a new and better name needed when one of his greatest enemies Lex Luthor returns to Metropolis. But his time to decide starts to shorten when Lex Luthor without a memory of his past, everyone who knew his past is dead (besides the heroes of course) and has no knowledge of finding out how to get it back, takes Oliver Queen after his associates at Luthorcorp tell him of his hatred and competiton against Oliver thinking he may know more about his past then anyone. It is up to Clark now realizing his name as Superman to rescue him with the help from his team Arthur Curry and Dinah Lance. (it also reveals that the other Justice League members Cyborg, Stargirl, and Bart lead the teen titans while also will help out the League at times)

Episode 2 (Rift)- Zatanna arrives back in Metropolis and warns Clark that Clark's involvement with Earth-2 has caused mass destruction. Because of his aid in giving Clark Luthor redemption and a new life, Clark Luthor awakened Brainiac (not knowing Brainiac was corrupted by Zod since never meeting him), when he went to space to search for Kryptonians and finding Brainiac's ship. Brainiac now causing destruction in the world and tricked Clark Luthor into the Phantom Zone, is close to breaking through the barrier between worlds and is coming to destroy all life on Earth-1 for destroying his Alternate counterpart. Clark must find a way to help Zatanna magically lock Brainiac in his own world but is having another problem as Zatanna is weakened in magic by Brainiac and Earth-2 Zatanna.

Episode 3 (Remnants)- Brainiac able to counter blast with his controlling his Earth- 2 Zatanna, puts Earth-1 Zatanna into a magical stasis like coma. Brainiac now on Earth-1 searchs for the last remenants of Earth-1's Brainiac. But as he begins to think Earth-1 Brainiac is almost entirely gone, he realizes Lex Luthor had managed to buy out the plant where Brainiac 2.0 (Artic) was destroyed and may have the remnants he needs to make him more powerful. Meanwhile, Clark and Oliver travel to meet AC at Hawaii where AC's nemesis Black Manta is trying to find the trident AC was destined to use to lead his home Atlantis.

Episode 4 (Zombie)- After realizing the Trident is somwhere deep in the oceans, AC leaves in the previous episode to find it but before he can he is taken by something as strong as Clark. Clark goes to find him with the help of Conner Kent and uncover that AC was not only looking for the Trident, but helping Zatanna look for a powerful zombie that was brought back to life from the rift in the world caused by Brainiac. Meanwhile, Oliver finds Zatanna's house of magic and searchs for a way to help her with Dinah's help.

Episode 5 (Grundy)- Clark now in Nevada with Conner, find Aquaman with Mera's guidance and face Solomon Grundy. With Conner knocked out from Grundy's stomp on him, Clark fights him one on one. Lex meets Brainiac once again after 6 years and decides to join Brainiac in return Brainiac would return Lex's memory. Oliver returns to Metropolis after finding a woman named Inza (Dr. Fate's old wife) who is willing to help cure Zatanna and has Dinah help Clark take down Grundy.

Episode 6 (Team)- Clark has the team members AC, Dinah, Oliver, and the newly revived Zatanna search for Toyman's team after finding Black Manta's Marrionette Venture card and Grundy's when he was defeated. Along the way Clark finds a name for his team and names them Justice League and the Dark Archer returns with the weaknesses of Clark and AC and takes down the league one at a time. It is up to Oliver to stop his old mentor with the help from Dinah. Meanwhile Zatanna continues to search for Brainiac.

Episode 7 (Cold)- Brainiac finds a Captain Cold from Toyman's team and tricks him into distracting Clark's team as Captain Cold finds a secret Icicle who survived the event from Absolute Justice. As Clark and his team of AC and Zatanna still weakened deal with the cold couple, Brainiac is able to retrieve Earth-1 Brainiac's remnants with Lex's help and instead of bringing his memory back makes Lex a bio skeleton suit of kryptonite.

Episode 8 (Toys)- Toyman returns after finding Grundy, Captain Cold, and Black Manta defeated and takes matters in his own hands when he creates a sonic ground based satelite given by Lex Luthor and Brainiac to turn all toys into destroyers. Clark summons the league (Green Arrow, Dinah, Zatanna) and take them down, but dont realize while they did that Brainiac began hacking into Watchtower.

Episode 9 (Plan B)- Toyman defeated by Clark risks to tell Lex Luthor about Clark that he is Superman for his Plan B and the only way to stop him is hurt him or kill him. If he does get hurt he has his associate Roulette ready to send everything to Lex. Meanwhile, Oliver tracks down a old friend of Lois's John Corben aka Metallo and finds that Brainiac has corrupted him entirly and is working for Lex. Lex sends Metallo to kill Green Arrow during one of his missions but Green Arrow is able to retrieve help from AC and Zatanna as Clark and Dinah try to stop Toyman's plan B.

Episode 10 (Parasite)- Lex Luthor locates a Zatanna and recruits Rudy Jones aka Parasite into taking her powers and helping Lex recover his memory's and power his suit magically of kryptonite. But after gaining Zatanna's powers he goes on a rampage and breaks Lex's deal and goes after Clark. Clark now in peril against Parasite, gets help from Green Arrow and Black Canary while AC and guest star Martian Manhunter find AC's trident.

Episode 11 (Ultimate Battle: Part 1)- With Zatanna's powers returned from Parasite and because of it at full power. Zatanna is able to locate Brainiac at a Luthorcorp base and goes with Clark and Green Arrow to stop him as AC and Dinah take down the remaining members of the Legion (Roulette and the escaped Black Manta). At Luthorcorp they encounter not only Brainiac but Lex Luthor in his Kryptonite magically radiated exo skeleton. Lex Luthor jealous of everything Superman has plans his entire life to Superman's downfall and begins to fight him and Zatanna. In the mean time Brainac now begins his Luthorcorp tower control to download all of Earth's information and then destroy the planet.

Episode 12 (Ultimate Battle: Part 2)- Lex Luthor and Clark battle it out while Zatanna, Green Arrow, and the returned AC and Dinah find a way to destroy Brainiac's tower. Brainiac begins absorbing the world's information and Zatanna is able to use all her power at the moment to stop the process. Lex is defeated with Clark severly hurt and throws Lex into Brainiac disrupting his fight with the Justice League. AC, Green Arrow, and Dinah destroy the tower and Superman battles Brainiac to the skys but is hit by a beam of kryptonite Brainiac downloading into his body from Lex's suit. Superman down to near death in Metropolis gains assistance from Aquaman with his trident, Black Canary, and Green Arrow.

(In the end Lex is arrested, Brainiac is defeated by the healing Superman and the Justice League, and they search for new members.)

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