Hey guys its been a while but I didnt think anybody was particiapting until i just checked so lets continue

Which episode is the best for these returning guest stars of season 10-

John Schneider- Lazarus, Kent, Finale Part 1, or Finale Part 2

Laura Vandervoort- Supergirl or Prophecy

Allison Mack- Lazarus, Collateral, Beacon, Maquarade, Fortune, Finale Part 1 or Finale part 2

John Glover- Luthor, Beacon, Scion, or Finale, Part 2

Annette O'Toole- Beacon, Finale Part 1, or Finale Part 2

My picks- John was best in Finale Part 2 I think because he was like god to me giving the hero of light the power to fight the darkness. John was and will always be to conscience and light of Superman

Laura- I liked her guest better in Supergirl because she was more of hero defending clark from Darkseid and helping the Smallville gang defeat Gordon Godfrey.

Allison- I liked her the beat in Collateral I got to admit. I didnt really like Collateral that much except for the returning people but Chloe was shown as a true hero I thought in that episode.

John G.- I think I've said this before in a post my favorite with him was in Luthor.

Annette- I liked her best in Beacon because to me she acutally had a strong role in it, defending the light and stoping the vra from passing and standing up to Lionel and Alexander. Also she reminded Clark of the hero in him before he was about to leave lionel to die in the mansion

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