I had huge hopes and expectations for Booster being the 4th episode written by the awsome Geoff Johns and being it the last episode written by him but I was totally blown away by how bad it was. Booster Gold was a bore with all of the stuck up, hollywood kind've guy and without action at all except for being choked by the blue beatle, one shield, and one beam shot he was a dissapointment. Jaime Reyes was actually interesting to watch up until he put on the suit. The suit was a dissapointment being to big on the outside when its not supposed to be like that.

I get that he couldnt control the suit but even with that he wasnt much of a threat. Not to mention the absence of tess and oliver and chloe having only lois and clark wasnt as fun as I thought it would be. Clark the reporter was fun at least and shown what a average day would be like after he would become Superman only to be ruined by the Booster Gold fans including the terrible Cat Grant. I had hoped that her last appearance would be icarus but sadly booster was worse with her in it. He call's himself a hero and powerful but he barely does anything except saves Jaime once. Thats it! Skeets was ok but got annoying after a while being only a computer talking thing on Booster's ear. Ted Kord was fun and cool to see which made the episode beat out Isis and Harvest as worst episode. The booster and blue beatle fight was interesting up until Booster was being choked to death then once again like many fights on smallville (yea im talking to u doomsday) it ended quick and was a bore again. So overall it was a terrible dissapointment the only good things were Booster's backstory with clark confronting him, Ted Kord, and the booster blue beatle fight in the begining. Thanks Geoff for a terrible episode before u leave the show. (I do thank you for legion and absolute justice as they were extraordinary).

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