Hey guys since I looked back and no one has done a awards after the series finished i figured it wouldnt be hard to host. So we have many categories that will be up such as best 3 episodes of each season, best season, etc.

LETS START WITH the Wikia Awards #1

Who do you think of the entire smallville cast from season 1 to 1 is the best. You may choose 3 of the best and give reasons if you would like. You cannot choose clark because everyone knows he is the best (but if u dont choose him then u can say that)

Mine- I liked Oliver Queen, Lionel Luthor, and Lex Luthor the best. I have always from day one liked Green Arrow. Even when he had those dark drinking problems he was still interesting and still developing into his own destiny. My first episode also was Justice from season 6 ever and in the episode was more interested in Green Arrow surprisingly so I will always be grateful to Justin for a great performance. And we both share the same first names. Lex and Lionel are awsome also but I think Lionel might've been a little more because he was more into the kryptonian stuff. Also i loved his Earth-2 counterpart.

Please everyone comment and particapte in the awards. Also with each next awards I will post which characters are voted the most. This award category and the others will last 3 days. During sometime in the 3rd day I will change to the next one.

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