Try answering these questions as some may be a little easy and some may be hard. AND DONT USE ANY SOURCES OR REFERENCES OR INFO FROM THIS WEBSITE OR ANYOTHER IF U WANT TO MAKE IT REAL. Just test your knowledge and see what you know about Smallville.

Question 1: Name 3 episodes where Chloe was completely possessed by someone dead.

2. What was Titan's final line he says to Clark before his death.

3. How many times did Jimmy and Chloe break up and get back together (also count they break up after they first sleep together as Chloe mentioned in Season 4 episode Unsafe and then getting together in Wither)

4. In what episode was the man Steve Basic who played Dark Archer in Disciple was he another character that was killed for something he did.

5. In what episode did Lex tell Clark that he thought Sageith was the real hero?

6. What was Bizarro's final line before his destruction?

7. What episode did Kara say to Clark, "I guess this family reunion is over!"

8. What episode did Clark have Sex education in?

9. What episode did Lex scar Lionel in on the cheeck with a blade?

10. The final question and hardest so u can look it up: What episode does Lex say to Clark at the end of one of Lex's lines does Lex say, "It was almost worth it to see the look on your face right now."

Try your best not use sources of info for this. If you dont know then its fine its just a quiz and we will see how many u get right or wrong. I did all of them in my head no looking except for the last one.

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