After rewatching the seasons (and im right now on Aqua episode of season 5 when we first meet aquaman) i begun thinking what seasons i liked the most to least. (best is 1 to least 10)

1. Season 10

2. Season 9

3. Season 5

4. Season 1

5. Season 4

6. Season 2

7. Season 8

8. Season 7

9. Season 6

10. Season 3

I loved 10 the most because i love all the dc characters that are new, the returning characters awsome stories (especially Lionels), and just an all time favorite season ever. Also the future episodes seem to be better then any and the finale will be beyod awsome of any show i bet! I didnt neccesarily "hate" season 3 I just thought it was way to dark and depressing for a season and so its last. Clark and Lana seperated farther, Lex went crazy, Chloe was mean, and they ruined the character of Pete. I also disliked season 6 because well i started to really hate lana that season, the phantoms werent really that interesting except for titan because they werent really dc related, Lex and Lana dating was disgusting and just overall stunk! I also loved season 9 that was the season where they broke the comic book barriers and brought in so many great characters and stories and absolute justice rocked! Season 5 just had brainiac and james marsters made it amazing by himself lol. I put season 1 next because its when it started so i was happy with that season. I chose season 4 over 2 because i liked how they went deeper into the comics and clarks kryptonian stuff. Lex was darker (loved onyx), Lana was definitly cooler, and of course they added Lois Lane to the show! Season 8 and 7 were towards to the bottom because i just thought the show was different in those seasons with clark being extrememly lazy in season 7 and then in 8 it was the doomsday story that was dissapointing in the end. Also Brainiac wasnt james marsters so that pissed me off, lex wasnt michael lol but i understood that, and just overall wasnt the same show for a little while their.

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